Jesus Healed Ten Lepers: The Hidden Message


When I was 4 years old, I often saw my grandfather reading a yellow Bible. Not knowing how to read, I always bothered him to read the Holy Book for me. One of the hundreds of Bible stories my grandpa read for me was the story of the 10 lepers whom Jesus made healthy and whole.

As a little child, what only synced into my memory during that time was “Okay, 10 lepers. Jesus healed them. Next please.”

Jesus Healed the Ten Lepers: The Hidden Message
Photo Credit: PTL2010

Past forward, I’ve noticed there’s a special message behind that story. In the time of Jesus, lepers were secluded. They were not allowed to go out, play a skateboard, or borrow someone’s PSP (Don’t look for that in the Bible, please.) Kidding aside, lepers were regarded as unclean. They should not mingle with the “clean”.

Didn’t you realize how big the courage they mustered when they went out to the open just to see Jesus and be healed by Him? They risked it! They went out of the box! No, they tore the box into pieces and ate it! Sorry, they didn’t eat it. (Pardon the kind of humor I can only afford.)

The lepers took a big step of faith. They realized that being secluded in an island was not their ending. They decided not to be confined by social standards.

You may be financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually struggling right now. Can I tell you that it’s not the end of your story? Help is coming. But while waiting, give your absolute best. Want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.

You are under God’s training.

Train a man in the field of medicine, what do you get? A doctor.
Train a man how to teach, what do you get? A teacher.
Train a man how to cook, what do you get? Chef Boy Logro (yum, yum, yum).

When God trains you how to go through struggles in life, do you know what you can become? A champion of God!

You are a trainee. Make sure you pass it.
Help is coming. Help is coming, my friend.

Jaycee De Guzman

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