Like a Stock, Do You Also Check Your 52-Week Blessing?


As I analyze the past performance of a stock, I noticed that some stocks are on a continuous uptrend.
Some are drawing a trendline straight to the bottom.
Some are trending up and down (sideways).

As I look into these charts, I realized that it’s also LIKE looking into my life, your life, our life.

There are days when there’s a down pour of blessings. We see our life in an uptrend pattern.

There are days when we feel like every circumstance is working against us. We see life in a downward pattern.

There are days when we feel like God answers our prayers so inconsistently. You countered your answered prayers last week and you got three. You counted your answered prayers this week and you got zero so far. We see life in a sideways pattern.

But UNLIKE stocks, you have strong fundamentals and values in the eyes of God. You are the bluest of all blue chips so to speak.

Because of you, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is no longer the most expensive stock in the world.

You are a record-breaker.

We often check a stock’s 52-week high. If you invested in a stock that sets a new 52-week high each trading day, you jump upside down. You smile from ear to ear.

Hey, I just got a hot tip from my Reliable Source. His name is Jesus.

Jesus wants to tell you this, “Son, you are My investment. Prepare for I will break your latest “52-week blessing”. It may not be everyday, but you can sit back and relax knowing that you’re going nowhere but up!”


Jaycee De Guzman

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