Mental Toughness Tip # 1 – Have Choosy Ears


Spoken and written words are powerful regardless if they are positive or negative words.

I’ve noticed that, by default, our minds are wired together to put more weight on other people’s words about us than on our own words about ourselves. We don’t mind that as long as they are positive words, do we? But what if they are negative words?

I’ve trained my mind to reverse that kind of psychology when it comes to other people’s discouraging, unexciting, and boring words about me. Sometimes, it’s all about mental training. When I was an employee, there was a training called “Mental Toughness”.

I’ve been trained to have the internal disposition to respond positively on my favor. So whether I’ll be told positive or negative remarks, I’ll suck nothing but positive energy within me.


Discouraging Remark: Jaycee, you won’t get anywhere.
Internal Response: I am equipped and empowered to go where I want to go. It’s not a question of whether I can be there or not. The question is, will I see you there? Vrooommmmm! See yah!

Discouraging Remark: Jaycee, your ideas are impossible.
Internal Response: Awesome! If my ideas were perceived as highly possible, you or other people would have done them already. Since my ideas are generally perceived with high impossibility, then, I can monopolize the possibility of my ideas. Man, I like that! I’m fired up!

Be selective of what you hear.
If it’s positive, let it enter your mind.
If it’s negative, make sure you leave it knocking at the door of your ear drum only. Don’t let it in.

Jaycee De Guzman

Jaycee Silverio de Guzman is a computer scientist by profession. He is the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. He is a husband and a father.
Jaycee De Guzman

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