My First Ministry Is My Family

My First Ministry Is My Family

“If your relationships in your family are not overflowing as a result of your faith, then, you might want to check your self, brothers and sisters. Your faith is not supposed to be just a personal relationship with Jesus. Yes, it’s personal, but it’s meant to be shared. There’s nothing like serving Jesus in the family.” – Bro. George Gabriel, The Feast PICC

I post someone else’s direct quotation once in a blue moon. But Bro. George’s words hit me to the bone. No! His words hit my bone marrow!

For the past two months, I had been praying for a ministry to whom I can share Jesus. How he changed me and made me whole again. But I thank the Lord for making me realize that the ministry I had been praying for has been already with me since the day I was born – my family, relatives and friends.

As I sit and ponder for it when I’m all by myself, my gosh, I realize there are lots of bridges to connect in my relationships with my family, relatives and friends. I got overwhelmed for a few minutes. The bridges that should be connected will tantamount to the amount of work of a parochial priest in his parish (yes, I know, I lived in a convent with priests once upon a time).

I don’t need to expound this blog on what I’m trying to put across. That introduction I put above is more than enough.

Sometimes, I’m looking for my eyeglasses in the drawer when I’m already wearing them. Aging? Yes, I’m aging in the love of the Lord.

God bless you all, friends!

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