My Greatest Responsibility As a Father

My Greatest Responsibility As a Father

Yesterday morning, my son went to my room. He wanted me to buy him a toy. Softly I explained, “Son, Papa can afford to buy you a toy everyday but I decide not to buy you one today because it’s not a necessity. I will reserve it as my big gift for you this Christmas. But hold on, I know Jesus gives gifts every day. Come. Let’s talk to him.”

So I invited my 6-year old son to join me in my daily worship to the Lord. So I started playing the worship songs I love, we held hand together, closed my eyes, raised my hands and sang the worship songs. Oh man, I cry most of the time every time I bask in the presence of the Lord.

After 5 minutes, I opened my teary eyes. I don’t know if my son was just puzzled at what was going on or he was just shocked at how his Papa worships the Lord with that intense action and emotion.

If I were to guess, my son wanted to ask me at that precise moment, “Pa, do aliens regularly visit you here? Were you abducted by an alien?”


After that, we hugged each other for 3 minutes while playing the other worship songs. We were not saying a word. We just hugged each other. Oh man, I cried again! In my mind I was shouting, “Give me a pail! A pail! Or it’ll flood with tears in this room!”

No one in this Milky Way Galaxy can buy that moment from me.

I am a father.
If there’s anyone who should point my son to Jesus, you don’t have to ask, because I will.

As a father, the Lord has entrusted me two of the greatest responsibilities of a father.
1. To build wealth for my family and for others
2. To point my wife and son to the true source of wealth – Jesus. This is my greatest responsibility in life. And it’s an honor to be entrusted of this responsibility.

Okay. Okay. Treat this post as an advanced “super duper cheezy quezo de bola” for Christmas eve. Call it cheezy as much as you want. I don’t know about you but on my death bed, I won’t remember my money and the awards I received but the moments when I expressed my love to my son.

Do you remember that sweet moment with your son or daughter when you introduced Jesus to him or her? I’m interested to hear your story. Please comment below.

My Greatest Responsibility As a Father

Jaycee De Guzman

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