My Interpretation of Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 Rules for Success


You get what you spend time doing.

Have you heard about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to perfection?

When I was still an employee, one of my colleagues noticed that I was typing at a speed of 95-plus words per minute. He asked how I could make the keyboard smoke every time I type. I told him that when I had my own computer when I was 21 years old, I practiced typing by hiding the keyboard below the table. I deliberately avoided looking at it. After weeks of practice, my fingers memorized the keyboard finger placement. I wanted to achieve a high typing speed so I had to do what I got to do – and I got it!

Get feedback.

I need customers’ and employees’ feedback. But even before I listen to anyone, I make sure I already know how I want to operate my business and where I want it to go to. I don’t buy the “hear and accept” thing just like that. I listen, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do what I hear. I need to make sure that what I hear is in consonance with my goals and the direction where I envisioned my business to go to. In my mind, I always have this “feedback processing” thing.

Make mistakes.

I make mistakes. But I make sure I don’t get immuned. If I get immuned to the exact same mistakes, that means I am not learning. I only fail to succeed. If I don’t succeed by failing, then, it isn’t worth failing.

Only hire people who you would work for.

This is one of the blessings of being an entrepreneur. When I was an employee, I had to work with people I didn’t choose. But now that I’m an entrepreneur, I only work with the people I like to work with. It’s not enough for me to hire an academically-knowledgeable person. I don’t say it arrogantly, but it’s easy to graduate with academic honors. I only hire and partner with knowledgeable and intellectual people. There’s a difference between being knowledgeable and being intellectual. You may acquire all the skills in the world (knowledge) but if you don’t know how to apply them (intelligence), what was it for? So, you must have the right knowledge and the power of execution.

Make a change in the world.

Life is not all about making money. If it were, what a boring life this would be. For a start, it’s okay and normal to aim and work for financial wealth. But as your financial achievement and mindset mature, you’ll realize that there’s something more fulfilling than earning and working for money alone.
A few weeks ago, I’ve launched the “Your Success Story” project. I can’t inspire this world all alone. Every person has a beautiful success story to share. The next project I have in mind has something to do with influencing people on how to be part of the solution to global warming.

Learn from the people around you.

Of course, I do! What people do is the end-result of a collection of knowledge. If I wanted to see what an idea would look like if I did this or that, all I have to do is to do a research and find out if someone already did what I was thinking. If I see that a few people have already done what I was thinking, I pick their brains through the videos and blogs made about them. I squeeze all their best practices out to form a new idea.

Build a really good team.

I leverage my time and money. I prefer to do things on my own but I cannot achieve my goals on time and as planned if I would do it all by myself. So, forming a team that I’d like to work with is important. Check Rule for Success # 4 again.

Give the very best experience.

I’m all for a fully-baked end-product. Whether I work alone or with a team, I can’t have the “this will do” attitude. Why do I need to give my absolute best in anything that I do? If I don’t give my absolute best in business, how can my customers expect to receive the best product or service? Customers prefer to buy the best product or service. If they don’t see or feel it in my products or services, they’ll go elsewhere. The intensity of my passion in doing what I do is like a magnet. Subpar efforts translate to a weaker magnet. The stronger the intensity in giving my best, the stronger the magnet becomes.

Care the most about it.

I am neither the only provider of digital marketing services nor the only provider of stock investing consultancy services (Stock Signals), but why have I been thriving on both in terms of revenue and client-base compared to the ones who also operate in the same line-of-business? My answer is very simple: Perhaps, I care more than they care about what we do. Same line-of-business, different level of passion.

So, is it possible to succeed in a business even if you’re not the pioneer in that field? It’s not all about who launched first. It’s about who’s hungrier and more passionate to succeed. Some people are at their best in “readying” and “aiming” but are at their worst in “firing”. Sometimes, I do “ready, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim” or “ready, aim, fire, fire, fire, aim, fire, fire, fire”.

Social bonds are critical.

It’s about communication, commitment, and trust. Would you believe that since I’ve started my life-changing businesses, I haven’t met any of my clients face to face? Can a business thrive without meeting your clients face to face? Yes! Yes! Yes! Social bonding is not just about saying “hi/hello” in person and throwing a hi-5.

I communicate with my clients regularly online. When I said I will do something, I will make sure that I’ll do it. That’s commitment. Because I communicate and I value my commitments with them, they trust me. Trust is the end-product of communication and commitment. Because I’ve earned the trust of my clients, a bond between me and them is established.

Thanks to Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel for inspiring me to write this article. Here’s the video he made.

Jaycee De Guzman

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