My Takeaways from Christmas and New Year’s Eve Celebrations


Each time we celebrate Christmas and New Year, it reminds me of where I started. When I was a kid, the picture of Christmas and New Year was a new table top (mantel), apples (not even a dozen pieces), and either a new shirt or a new pair of pants (and that was the same shirt or pants I would wear on my recognition day at school each year). Just by knowing this part of my life, you can imagine how I went through the brutality of life.

As a kid, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why do kids in the neighborhood have Mighty Kid shoes that lit and what I have is only a new pair of Rambo slippers (not even a new pair of Beach Walk)?”

Fast forward, our table doesn’t need a table top anymore; fruits are always on the table; we can buy new clothes and shoes as often as needed.

If there is one message that Christmas and New Year’s Eve taught me, it is this: Don’t ever let my once-upon-a-time miracles become ordinary in my mind and in my heart.

Each time I look back to where I was, I gain the strength and the momentum for a greater come back. I know, the Lord did not put me on something for nothing.

It’s always good to think, despite of the year-round difficulties, we end each year with celebrations. Maybe, that’s Christ’s way of reminding us that our best days are ahead of us. But we don’t need to wait for that day. Even now, we can celebrate our victory in all facets of life. God is teaching us to have the “even now” faith.

John 11: 22 – “But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.”

Thank you, Jesus.

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