My View of the Mamasapano Misencounter

My View of the Mamasapano Misencounter

Every single news about the Mamasapano mis-encounter has commentaries suggesting an all-out-war.

I do not know the solution to this older-than-me issue in Mindanao, but I know an all-out-war won’t resolve the issue. An all-out-war benefits no one but those business people operating funeral services.

I still believe that diplomatic discussions can resolve the issue. It’s not an overnight job and maybe a person’s lifetime is not enough to arrive to a peaceful agreement on this subject.

Who here is a parent? Click your mouse (“raise your hand” doesn’t make sense, yeah?). Does an all-out-talak or all-out-palo fix the flaws of your son? I know it’s a different kind of war, but “santong paspasan” is often the solution of an impatient man who can’t live without instant noodles and instant coffee for an instant food and instant relief.

There are best things in life that don’t happen in an instant. When the Israelites were freed from the dictatorial hands of the Egyptians, it took them 40 years to find the promise land.

(It took me 30 years to celebrate my 30th birthday. Hehe. )

Seriously, as civilians, the best thing we can do is to establish and strengthen peace and solidarity at home. There’s no such thing as an instant rebel with an instant anger in his heart. It all started and rooted in the family. Rebels had a good heart marinated in the sauce of anger and violence and sauted in the belief that killing pleases what one considers god.

As today’s parents, our role is to help our children protect their good hearts. By the time they become parents, they may do the same to their children. Then, time will come that bad hearts will be outnumbered by good hearts, which will make the former nearly, if not totally, negligible by the latter.

I know this is not easy. Because as parents, we need to watch ourselves, our words, our thoughts, and our actions more than anything else.

All-out-war or all-out love?

Help us Jesus, our God.

Jaycee De Guzman

Jaycee Silverio de Guzman is a computer scientist by profession. He is the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. He is a husband and a father.
Jaycee De Guzman

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