No Luck – Only Hard Work


This 2015 is about to end. Instead of pondering about the rustic “New Year’s Resolution” thing-y, I take advantage of the remaining days of the year to cement my mindset and philosophy in life. I tell myself clearly and repeatedly that this is what I want and this is where I will be.

In my life, there’s no such thing as luck. I don’t believe in luck. I am very blessed because I am ready (hard work) for God’s blessings. I don’t have a psychological door. When a blessing knocks, it’s knocking on me for I am there standing where the door should be. I am more than excited than the door to welcome the blessing.

Hard work versus smart work? Hard work! Smart work is only an imaginary, sugar-coated word perfect for a fictional story. Every wealthy person I personally know works hard. Because they work hard, that’s what makes them smart. But you don’t need to be the smartest the moment you become an entrepreneur or a businessman. You need the smartest to work for you and not you working for them.

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