Perseverance, More Than Knowledge, Makes A BIG Difference

Perseverance, More Than Knowledge, Makes A BIG Difference

You read the title right!

I worked it up to the corporate ladder for 5 years.
I’ve been into this online business for 10 years.

Over the span of 10 years, I’ve seen that there’s a huge gap between the ratio of “intellectual and skilled people” and “intellectual and skilled people with uncontested perseverance running through their blood vessels”.

An intellectual and skilled worker, if scolded once, may turn onion-skinned (Trans: balat-sibuyas or mapagtampo). Result? He’ll give all excuses for not being able to go to work until such time that he’s kicked out of the company for excessive tardiness and absences.

On the other hand, an intellectual and highly-skilled worker with an admirable perseverance in everything that he does, no matter how many times he gets reprimanded, will still cheerfully answer his boss, “Boss, I know I have failed 5 times on this aspect of my work. But here are 10 GOOD things that I will put in my moving-forward action plan. This is the last time I want to see myself being reprimanded on this matter. The next time you will call me in your office, I want to see myself being handshaken by this man infront of me for a job well done! Do we have a deal, Sir?”

A determined worker will persevere for it until he hits the nail on the head.

Do you know of intellectual people who have been out-run by not-so-intellectual workers but possess an outstanding determination and perseverance in their totality? Share your experience below.

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