Political Candidates in the Philippines Must Read This

Political Candidates in the Philippines Must Read This

Senatorial candidates may begin their political campaigns on February 12 while the campaign period for local candidates will commence on March 29. Because I’m not running for any political candidacy, I now begin my campaign for an “overhauled political mindset” for the people who are running for a public office, and for us,  who hold the key, so these aspiring leaders can open their assigned door to public trust and service.

I am writing this article because I want my opinion to be heard and be read based on how I perceive the styles of candidates in conducting their political campaigns. It is very clear that these campaigns should happen so people will know their concrete plans towards economic success. This is my message to all political candidates.

Empower the people to stop saying “Help me!” so they will see themselves saying “I’ll help!”

My college education was sponsored by a Filipino community in Daly City, California, USA. Despite their overwhelming generosity, I needed to seek additional financial assistance from our Mayor’s Office to aid my other academic expenses. Every single month, I was going to the municipal treasurer’s office to claim my petty cash. Every month, self-pity struck me. I was asking myself why poor people like me always go to the mayor’s office to ask for financial assistance. Wouldn’t it be possible if people go to the mayor’s office to “give” and not to “ask” financial assistance? Of course, it is possible, but poor people, like who I was, should stop the “poor people’s dependent mindset” and start the “rich people’s independent mindset.”

Leaders and Aspiring Political Leaders: Take the Lead in Living the “Rich People’s Independent Mindset”

Our political leaders and aspiring leaders should take the lead in instilling the “rich people’s independent mindset.” Please do not sugarcoat your talks on stage that people can comfortably approach you for help once you’ve been given the chance to lead. Keep saying that to people and they will become more dependent on the government. Haven’t you noticed how poor people react even when the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rate is soaring high?

They complain that only rich people get a good feel of that GDP growth and they are consistently being pressed down to the lowest possible depth of human nature. Why do they have such reaction and interpretation in whatever happens in their life? They react and interpret things that way because they’ve been trained to depend on their political leader and look up to him as “Superman” – defender of the universe.

Political leaders, I challenge you to have a vision in mind that, one day, most people will no longer say “Help me!” but “Help me help others.”

Be Independently Dependent

Fellow Filipino people, let’s become “independently dependent” on the government. What does it mean? Let us work with the government instead of us becoming an additional work for the government.

In this article, I will not come up with my preferred list of specific action plans on how to equip the poor with the “rich people’s independent mindset” because aspiring political leaders are physically and mentally capable of coming up with their own.

I have a naturally-acquired license to give my opinion on this matter because I had a first-hand experience of living the life of a poor. I learned in life that there’s only one way for me to get out of my poor situation – to have the “rich people’s independent mindset.” I have been reminding myself that I am the primary responsibility for my own life and the government is only secondary. I do not idolize the “individualism theory” but the “independent responsibility.”

Jaycee De Guzman


  1. Great article Bro! This could be the key to defeat poverty. Instead of spoiling the people to depend on the government all their lives why not empower them to be able to stand up on their own feet? What if the government run out of funds because of the huge number of people depending on them for financial support? More taxes? The more people depend on the someone else the poorer they become. It's not entirely the government's job to make our lives better, it is our main responsibility to ourselves and family and the government is only there for support. We can't rely on the government alone to dictate our fate. You are right bro, our politicians ought to focus on educating people more to be self reliant financially. There was a saying "Give man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

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