Pray For Blessings. Receive The Opportunities.

Pray For Blessings. Receive The Opportunities.

I’d like to help you start your day right.

We’re a bunch of idealistic people. Accept that.
We like mangoes. We get lemons.
Do not waste your time pounding your chest with a complaining attitude.
You have lemons? Make a lemonade.

We have accustomed ourselves by asking questions in this format. We always want an instant answer.
1 + 1 = ___
2 + 2 = ___
3 + 3 = ___

But God does it differently. He gives us these:
___ + 1 = 2
___ + 2 = 4
___ + 3 = 6

The answers to our problems have been already given by God.
We just do not see the answer and we insist our own miserable pattern.

[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″]No God. Don’t give me an equation that already includes the answer. Just answer this “1+1=__. Come on God. You’re God, aren’t you? Just answer my question. Answer-answer ka na lang din “pag may time”, okay?[/quote]

[Translation: “pay may time” is a viral lingo of Filipinos, which started on social media platforms. It means “if you have the time”. Sometimes, people love to promote non-sense, but that’s another topic.]

We pray for BLESSINGS.
He gives us opportunities to execute the blessings we have prayed for. The answers to our prayers are already there. They’re already there.

Every day, I pray for kindness and patience.
Every month (thank God it’s not every day!), God gives me people who need financial assistance so I can execute that kindness and patience He planted in my heart.

Every day, I pray that God fills my love tank with He’s overflowing love.
Every day, God gives me the opportunity to appreciate, to embrace and to love people, even when the circumstance does not appear to be worthy of my appreciation and love.

Every day, I pray for understanding.
In my business, there are situations that put me at the brink of blowing my top and acting like a resurrected volcano from South Africa.

It just dawned on me that these situations are opportunities to execute the blessings I prayed for.

I already received even before I asked.
What else could be better than that?!

What are your lemons today?
How many glasses of lemonade have you made?

Jaycee De Guzman

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