Problems Do Not Happen TO You but FOR You


Do you remember the story of David and Goliath?
For the record, David called Goliath an “uncircumcised Philistine”.

Kung gagawin kong literal na katatawanan yung phrase na yun sa panahon ngayon, ito yung asaran ng mga bata na “Supot!”, meaning, “hindi tuli”. By “uncircumcised”, in David’s time, that means Goliath was not in covenant with God.

Did you realize that David was only half the size of Goliath. Goliath was a trained soldier, heavy with armors. David, on the other hand, was only carrying a slingshot, na akala mo parang maninirador lang ng mga ibon na naninira sa palayan.

On a serious note, David showed Goliath that a slingshot was more than enough to knock him down. David knew that the force of God that was inside of him was greater than the force infront of him. By the power of God, David knocked Goliath down, and fed his head to the birds of the air.

david and goliath

How can we relate to this story in today’s time and in today’s struggles? This story reminds us how little our problems are compared to God’s power.

“Well Jaycee, I don’t see a way.”

Well, it’s not our job to see all ways. Our mind and eyes may not see a way but God does and has.

God won’t allow that circumstance to happen if He does not have a wonderful purpose for you.

“Kapag pumupunta ka ng SM, pagpasok mo sa entrance, tinatanong mo ba ang sarili mo ng, ‘Bakit ako nandito?'” Malamang hindi. Dahil may purpose ka kung bakit ka nagbihis at nagpunta sa SM.

Kapag naliligo ka, tinatanong mo pa ba ang sarili mo ng “Teka, bakit kailangan kong maligo?'” Natural hindi na. Self-explanatory na yung purpose kung bakit ka dapat maligo.

If you, an imperfect human, has a purpose in what you do, do you realize how wonderful God’s purpose in you?

Personally, I feel down din naman. Lalo na kapag pagod at sunud-sunod ang dumarating na challenges. But I remind myself that things do not happen TO me, but FOR me.

Sometimes, you don’t need to change the entire sentence to come up with a positive meaning. You just need to choose¬†your preposition wisely. What I’m trying to say is that, sometimes, you don’t need to change your circumstance but the way you see things so you’ll have a better and brighter outlook in life.

Jaycee De Guzman

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