Republic Act (RA) No. 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act): Who’s in Favor?


This post is neither a rant nor an intentional or indirect act of casting of stones to those who may be involved, but just a mere self-realization. 

Here comes another social media protest. Many have changed your profile picture (even their timeline cover, perhaps) to a black background to express their opinion against the Republic Act (RA) No. 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act) – their disagreement, so as to say.

Friends, not everything that happens in unison, whether it’s in the online or offline world, is worth emulating. Instead of protesting and putting a black background picture to express your disagreement with this RA, have you ever thought of bringing an alternative solution instead of whining?

I am a Filipino. I HAD the same attitude. In business, if you put forward your complaints before the solutions, you’re not worthy to do business with. On Internet Marketing forums, if a member keeps on whining, instead of bringing a solution on the table, he’ll be blocked by the forum moderator.

Friends, this world needs solution-thinkers, not whiners. I’m not saying I’m not against this RA. I just don’t change my profile picture into an image with a black background because I have NO alternative solution just in case the authors of this bill would ask me, “Jaycee, do you have a better resolution?”

IMHO, we don’t have to regret voting those whom we elected. See, they have the neurons in their brains to formulate bills like this. I am not in favor of anybody, however. 

What we need to regret is our (yes, that includes me, just for now) lack of BETTER NEURONS to stand right there in the senate, hold the microphone without a shaking hand, and utter to the top of our voice our bright ideas which are way better than what’s laid out on this bill. Bills are written for a purpose. Bills aren’t written if there’s no problem. We need to focus our attention to “the problem and the potential solution” and not to the ‘medium of resolution’.

Let me show an analogy.

  • Subject
  • Verb 
  • Object

Subject – This is the group of people who thinks of solutions to ‘form a sentence.’ In this case, we have those people in the Senate.
Verb – This is our set of reactions. A verb depends on the subject. It follows the subject, not the opposite. The verb works hand-in-hand with the subject. It does not contradict the subject.
Object – This is where we apply our reactions. Let me make it clear, we apply our reactions to the object and not to the subject. This is our ultimate goal to have a clean and safe cyber world.


I said above that the verb does not contradict the subject. Mind you what will happen if we apply the verb to the subject. Who wants to kick herself instead of the ball?

Enough of analogical thinking. We (verbs) do not apply our actions against those people on the Senate (subjects). We apply our actions to the object, towards the object, and nothing but the object (our ultimate goal of having a clean Internet highway).

The dog should not bite its master.

I may sound ridiculously bias to those who sit at the Senate but unless and until we have BETTER NEURONS than what they do have, we need to sit and think if we can talk without a shaking voice if any those men and women at the Senate ask us our disagreements and alternative solutions. 

Who here has better neurons than those who sit at the Senate? Who?

Jaycee De Guzman

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