Santiago-to-Enrile Speech: Here’s What You Can Do Independently

Sen. Santiago Vs Sen. Enrile

Sen. Miriam Santiago is doing her job very well. I’m all against graft and corruption, too. Thanks to Sen. Miriam Santiago for constructively fighting for our rights.

I’m not a senator but I will make an unsolicited comment in this post with the aim of inspiring and motivating you to persevere and work hard to achieve success.

While it’s true that the number of poor people outperforms the number of well-off people in the Philippines, we should not dwell in this mindset that “because my government is corrupt, the Philippines is a poor country”. This belief has been a long time since stigma in our political and mental belief here in the Philippines.

I don’t know if my Barangay Captain is corrupt or not. I don’t know if my Governor is corrupt or not. I really don’t know. But I know one thing – that if I do my best, my very best, I will prosper whether the government officials around me are corrupt or not.

I can say this because before I reached my renewed financial stability, I was a perfect example of a “dukha, hampas-lupa, isang-kahig-isang-tuka”.

Not so long ago, in my mind, I already imagined myself speaking and writing about this. That if a poor person like me could stand above all life’s adversities, no matter how corrupt my government officials are, you can, too. After all, we all share the same senators, the same vice president, and the same president. So, if I was able to rise above the unfavorable circumstances of life, I, therefore, conclude, that the effect of the on-going corruption will appear negligible, almost weightless already, if only we will do our absolute best with whatever available resources we have, few or many. We all have the best resources – our brain, with 85 billion neurons at our disposal. Use it. what you don’t use, you lose.

Jaycee De Guzman

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