Successful People Do Crazy Things

The Feast - PICC

My family and I attended The Feast, a Catholic Prayer Meeting, in PICC, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila on December 2, 2012 (third session). I love to write and I’d like to recap what I have learned. 

The Feast - PICC

Successful People Do Crazy Things

It’s past 2 in the morning already and I’m still awake writing this. I have a burning desire to spread the love of God by using my core gifts   – writing and speaking. Last week was a very busy week in my financial and spiritual life. My wife and I have been traveling from Tarlac to Manila for some business appointments and spiritual gatherings. We have been doing this every day since last week. Did Ido it (being busy) intentionally just so I can fulfill what I wrote above that successful people do crazy things? No, I didn’t. Yes, successful people do crazy things but not too crazy because there is a thin line that separates my courage zone and crazy zone. I do not watch TV. Well, I still do but once a week for 15 to 30 minutes is the maximum as far as I can remember. When boredom hits me, I don’t care what time it is but we’ll travel to any relaxing out-of-the-town place. It was 12 noon and I was so bored, so bored that I grabbed the hands of my wife and son and we went to Baguio. We stayed there for two hours and we went back to Tarlac.

Know Your Courage Zone and Crazy Zone

There’s a thin line that separates your courage zone from your crazy zone. I can write a 50-page e-book in 24 hours (let’s say I’m already done with research). I can chat with my marketing assistant on Skype, talk with a client on the phone, check my websites’ statistics, write business reports and update my Facebook account all at the same time but don’t expect me to do anything one thing – to sing. So why do I stay in doing all these things for years? It is because I have discerned what is good for me.

Discern What Is Good for You

Discernment is not only knowing what is good or bad. It is choosing what is good for you. Singing is good but it is not good for me. Writing is a skill that is not good for others but is good for me. When choosing which path you should take, always ask these two questions to yourself.

  • Is it a good choice?
  • Is it a good choice for me?

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you asked yourself why you still failed even if you chose a good decision? Two weeks ago, I wore my headset, plugged it into my laptop, shut the door and sang songs of praises to the Lord. I was so inspired that I was almost in tears. Right at the very last second before a drop of tear falls from my eye, my wife removed those two drums from my ears and asked, “Jay, is that for a declamation or something?” Singing is good but it is not good for me.

3 Reasons Why You Fail

1. Wrong Time

Eleven years ago, I dreamt of being able to buy whatever I want and whatever I need without the need to save up for several months. Today, I am still not the richest person in our barangay but I can buy whatever I want and whatever I need in an instant. Eleven years, ago, I dreamt of being able to buy clothes without looking at the price tag as a pre-requisite if I should buy that polo shirt or not. Today, I almost don’t look at the price tag anymore. If I want a polo shirt, I just put it into the shopping cart and shop for more. Eleven years ago, imagine what could have happened to me if I had simply put on a polo shirt that costs PHP2,000.00 in the shopping cart without looking at the price and my budget. I could have shopped for a shame and not a shirt if that happened.

Friends, if you have failed in your dream, the problem is not your dream but perhaps your timing.

2. Wrong Talent

I have interviewed hundreds of applicants for my businesses since 2011. You’ll read “I am a fast learner” in most of their resumes. No matter how quick you are in learning something, if it’s not your core gift, you’ll just come as a C or a B but not an A+ or an A++. Passion is good but make sure there’s potential. Imagine Albert Einstein doing some acrobatic stunts. Imagine yourself training your dog how to fly. Imagine me singing (oh don’t even dare to imagine it). It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and step into your courage zone but don’t step another foot outside your core zone.

In one of John Maxwell’s book, he talked about “% Accuracy” as a determining factor for your dream. He said that “passion” is only 80 percent while “potential” brings 100 percent. I have always loved to sing and I will still sing even if you put your ears in between your knees every time I sing. However, I realized that it’s not my core gift. I may only be as good as an A singer after months or years of voice lessons but I may not be an A+ singer.

3. Wrong Trust

We trust God in two levels. First, we trust that He will answer our prayers. Second, we trust that He will answer our prayers the BEST WAY. 

Several years ago, I remembered I was praying for something, every night, that the Lord will deliver us from a very poor life to a comfortable life. I was expecting that to happen as soon as possible. My prayer was not answered as soon as possible. It took 11 years for me to get a favorable answer from God. As I soak my feet in the kind of life I have wished for a very long time, I realized what could have happened to me had I become well-off the next day immediately after I uttered my prayer.

God allowed me to mature by using the right talent at the right time. Friends, let me blow your mind with this message. When you pray and your prayer does not happen, you keep on praying. Why? I realized that God does not do for us what we want to happen in our life. Keep on praying. Once you have done everything and your prayer is still not answered, be still, for the Lord answers our prayers the BEST WAY. Aim for the BEST!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6

God bless you more,


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