Super Foods Which Help Lower Cholesterol

Super Foods Which Help Lower Cholesterol
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Your cholesterol levels should be tracked carefully, especially as you move into middle age. If you visit your doctor regularly, you will likely know where your cholesterol levels stand. If it is not at an acceptable level and you are battling with high cholesterol, then you need to take steps to treat this problem.

Dieting is one of the most effective ways to combat high cholesterol. If you can eat the right kinds of foods and manage your diet in the right way, then you can get your cholesterol under control, in most instances.

We want to show you how you can use superfoods to fix your cholesterol and live a fuller, healthier and happier life.

The Super Foods to Use

Not every kind of healthy food is going to be great for your cholesterol. You need to have a balanced diet, no matter what your medical situation is. You can’t just eat veggies or yogurt and expect to solve all your health problems. You should be talking with your doctor about what kind of diet to engage in, but you also need to know what foods are going to target your cholesterol and help you get it under control.

There are four types of foods that can drastically lower cholesterol level and enable you to conquer this problem. They are soy, nuts, viscous fibres and plant oils or sterols. Let’s look at a few of them.

What all these foods have in common is they contain healthy fats, known as unsaturated fats. These are heart healthy oils and fatty substances that promote proper blood flow and a strong heart. For nuts, you can go with just about any kind of tree nut and get these benefits. With soy, you should focus on soy products that can serve as substitutes for unhealthy foods you are used to eating. So, instead of dairy products, you can use soy substitutes.

Plant oils which are also known as sterols, are healthy oils like margarine, vegetable oils, Brussel sprouts, wheat germ and wheat bran, among others. These promote great circulation and heart health.

Viscous fibres are foods that are packed with fibre that cleans out the toxins in the body and helps prevent build-up in the circulatory system. They include oats, psyllium, and barley.

You will need to use all these foods together to get the best results, but that’s not all you can do to improve your cholesterol.

Don’t Forget Other Cholesterol-Reducing Methods

In connection with the right diet, you also want to exercise as much as you are able to and take the medication that your doctor has prescribed for your high cholesterol. If you are simply self-medicating and trying to fix the cholesterol problem without the help of a doctor, then we recommend that you talk to your doctor about the problem and at least get some professional medical advice about what steps you should be taking.

The foods we covered are very important for clearing out excessive cholesterol and helping to return the body to a healthy state, but they will always be more effective when they are coupled with other proven cholesterol reducing techniques. Medication, a proper diet, and regular exercise are all key to getting rid of excessive cholesterol in the body in the timeliest manner. If you hope to make a full recovery or at least get your cholesterol under control, then you need to be doing all you to make it happen.

Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol will also help, and they can boost cholesterol levels and make it harder to make any progress with these other methods we have already discussed.

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