Thank You For Your Donations For The Survivors Of The Superstorm Haiyan in the Philippines – Part 2

Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operation 18

Last November 12, 2013, I wrote an email to all my employees and clients around the world to gather donations for our countrymen who were badly affected by the super typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda).  That email contained the message I posted on this article: Thank You For Your Donations For The Survivors Of The Superstorm Haiyan in the Philippines.

Some of my clients donated cash but most of them channeled their monetary donations to the fundraising institutions in their churches and in charity institutions in their respective countries. Some of my employees donated 10 to 20 percent of their salary. iPresence Business Solutions (our company) has clients in almost every country around the world. The cash donations that were sent directly to the company were used to buy different kinds of food. The company channeled the relief goods to Don Bosco Technical Institute (Tarlac City) being our son’s school.

Combining the donations of our kind-hearted fellow parents at the Don Bosco Technical Institute , we were able to pack nearly 200 bags of rice, canned goods, noodles, biscuits, candles, sachets of coffee and more. Some of our co-parents at this school donated hundreds of thousands of pesos directly to the charity institutions in the Philippines (a round of applause to our fellow parents!).

I am happy and proud that my clients are sensitive to the needs of people who are in great and urgent need of life’s basic needs such as food. I am joyful to see how my fellow parents at Don Bosco Technical Institute, specifically my fellow parents at Kindergarten 2 Section Giovanni, gave a helping hand in re-packing the goods. They even wholeheartedly brought their cars to transport the relief goods to the school.

My busy clients and fellow parents could have just reasoned out that they also had some personal errands and businesses to attend to but they willfully disturbed their silence by giving even the little thing they have – time.

That day made me remember the “Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish” as written on John 6:1-15. The Scripture says that Jesus miraculously multiplied the number of loaves of bread and fish. When everyone was full, the disciples gathered the left over and they were able to fill-up 12 baskets. Wow!

Miracles happen in times of scarcity rather than when there’s plenty. Not in contrary to what the Holy Scripture says, I faithfully believe that the true miracle was more than just the multiplication of bread but brotherhood, more than just of loaves but love. I think that’s the true miracle that happened.

Friends, let’s admit it.  For most of us (I’m guilty of this sometimes), our default is “If someone helps, I’ll help” or “If someone moves, I’ll move.” So if nobody helps, I won’t even lift a finger. Can you relate?

For me, the multiplication of the loaves and fish and the donations of my clients and fellow parents are one. My clients didn’t donate the same amount of money. My fellow parents didn’t donate the same type of food. But everyone gave whatever little they have.

May our departed brothers and sisters in areas directly hit by super storm Haiyan, particularly in Tacloban City, find peace. To our fellows who survived the horrific storm, may you remain hopeful that everything will be fine again. Be still and know that He is God. I pray for you.

Let me share some pictures. Our co-parents in school helped in re-packing. Thank you, Giovanni parents!

Jaycee De Guzman

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