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The Feast PICC -

I was online yesterday. I am online today. I will be online tomorrow. You bet, I’m the Online Man! Seriously, I manage small online businesses that’s why you always see me popping in to group discussions whether it’s about business or not. I won’t be using the tag line “Total Online Explosure Delivered SMARTERly” if people don’t feel me online.

Anyway, what do I really want to talk about here? Well, I just want to share with you how we met yet another awesome group from The Feast PICC. Some of you who regularly visit my website, personal Facebook account, Facebook fan page and some online groups might have noticed that I’ve made it a habit to post pictures taken from The Feast PICC in Pasay City. My wife and son attend the mass and the worship session in PICC every Sunday.

Last Wednesday, February 6, Bro, Jhay Jatap posted an invitation on The Feast PICC’s fan page that they need volunteer web designers and coders who can assist in launching The Feast PICC’s website,, this coming Sunday, February 10, 2013. Because one of my businesses is web designing, my wife and I humbly volunteered ourselves to assist. Well, not actually ourselves but the business itself.

We enjoyed brainstorming with (from left to right) Sis. Gerlie, Bro. Jaycee, Sis. Grazelle, Bro. Jhay, Sis. Lei, Bro. Jam and Bro. Ron. These gals and guys are web designers and group organizers at The Feast PICC. Brilliant plans are on the roadmap. We have the best of plans for this website because our client is God.

The Feast PICC -

God bless you more,

Jaycee De Guzman

Jaycee De Guzman

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