The I-CAN-DO-IT Attitude


When choosing the best and the right people who will work for you, which one do you choose? The one with the:

1. “I can do it” attitude or;
2. “Let’s find ways so OTHERS can do it” attitude?


  • You CAN’T equip others to do it if you are still a half-baked person for that task.
  • You CAN’T make others experience it if you haven’t experienced it yet.¬†
  • You CAN’T train others to be a master of that task if you are a neophyte for that task.
  • You CAN’T give what you don’t have.
  • You CAN’T teach others how to be the best if you are just good enough.

YOU choose the “I CAN DO IT” attitude because everything starts from within. YOU are the starting point. In science, YOU are the object. ACTION is equal to REACTION. While the “we can do it” attitude sounds better, it’s still best to master things on your own so you can lead others instead of just doing things in unison without really knowing if that’s the right thing to do.

Why will you expect others exert 100N if they only see you exerting 50N? This applies to both entrepreneurs and employees.

Note: 50N and 100N are figures for the amount of force (N = Newton).

Have you had an experience when your boss or work mates¬†wanted to focus first on the “let’s find ways so others can do it” attitude without mastering to themselves what they wanted others to do? Comment now.
Jaycee De Guzman

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