The Two Levels of Being Wealthy

The Two Levels of Being Wealthy

Do you watch mellow-dramatic telenovelas on primetime, starring a man who only has enough coins in his pocket for a round-trip fare when going to school? How about that character that is so hesitant to attend parties for the fear of seeing his exact same shirt for a 100th time? Six years ago, I was very poor. I was the man you were watching in those telenovelas. It was my training ground so I could learn how to be persistent and hopeful towards my ultimate goal of becoming financially successful one day.

That day has come. When you have reached that point when you really can’t find the superlative to explain how big is the difference between your past and present, you will realize that there are two levels of becoming wealthy.

Two Levels of Being Financially Wealthy

Level 1: The ability to make yourself wealthy.

Level 2: The ability to create wealth for others.

I love this gospel from the book of Luke 16:9: “And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by how you use worldly wealth, so that when it runs out you will be welcomed into the eternal homes.”

Friends, I have learned one very important ingredient in my secret recipe for success on my Internet Marketing businesses. Today, I will reveal this secret to you. Trust me. Without this ingredient, I won’t be an effective Internet Marketing coach and I won’t be able to run my five micro niche Internet Marketing businesses. It is my genuine interest to help others succeed is my key to success in business.

How Does It Feel to Be a Level 1 Wealthy Person?

Almost two years ago, I had this “take it or leave it” principle in business. If it’s my price, it’s my price. No bargaining. Nothing more. Nothing less. I was striving to make myself wealthy. I was working on my “Level 1” status. I was giving it all until I achieved my Level 1 status. I was so happy. I experienced the feeling of shopping without even looking at the tag price. I experienced losing my appetite for food not because I was getting sick but because I almost literally tasted every food at the mall. Wow! I experienced what people call life.

I Am a Level 2 Wealthy Person

But one day, I was shaken by the most intense earthquake I’ve ever experienced. But it was not an earthquake that the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) can detect. It was an earthquake inside my heart. It was a call for an upgrade. Today, I’m a Level 2 wealthy person.

I have not slept yet as of this time of writing. I have been preparing my talks and attending my daily online meetings with my clients. At around 3 AM, I spoke with one of my customers, Mike, who needs 200+ product descriptions for his online store. But because his products require the writer to have 360-degree knowledge of USA’s culture and history, I recommended him to find a native English writer who has a better level of understanding when it comes to USA’s culture and history. But because I now have the ability to make others wealthy (Level 2 Wealthy Person), I decided to create a tracker for the top three categories of products Mike wants to be written first. I sent it to him for free. Again, I emailed the tracker to him for free.

I already said, “Have a great day!” But he swiftly replied, “I appreciate it so much but hold on a second, Jaycee. Your team does not have any grammar issue at all. I will need you to handle my blog posting needs for my online store.”

The stone became bread! Mike changed his mind not because we do not have grammar issues in our writing. Mike had a change of heart because he sees the Level 2 wealthy person in me. I helped him reduce the amount of work he should have done had he created a tracker for those 123 products all by himself (Hey, I spent 30 minutes to manually scrap the details of those 123 products from his website.) I knew it! He saw an upgraded businessman in me. This ingredient “automates” my business. For sure, Mike will spread the news about my business. For sure, Mike will spread the news about me.

Friends, you reap what you sow. Sometimes, we harvest fewer baskets of fruits than what we expected. But that’s okay. That is absolutely okay. We have a fair law of nature. Ask farmers about this. There will be days when you’ll fill all your baskets and harvest more than what you expected.

Today, I encourage all businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers to join me in my mission of being a Wealth Maker. All of us waited for all these miracles from the Lord Jesus.

You are done being a Miracle Waiter. Be a Miracle Worker. Be a Champion Maker.

Jaycee De Guzman


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