The Wrapper Changed But Not The Gift


Last night, at exactly 11 PM GMT +8, I started overhauling this website.

I didn’t want you to have a long wait so instead of maximizing that 24-hour turnaround time I announced on my Facebook fan page, I did my best to knock it out within four hours.

The previous design was good. But areas for improvement were spotted.
The content was good. But I was not consistent in updating this blog.

Now, I’m ready to juggle between my business and my passion for updating you about internet marketing, personal finance and, of course, that includes the spiritual areas of our lives.

You might be thinking why I didn’t just tell one of my web designers to do the revamping and overhauling of this website.
Why didn’t I just tell my writers to write my blog posts for me?
I have one simple reason.
I want my personality to be magnified by the totality of this website.
From the design up to the very content of each post, I want to have my personal signature on it and in it.

I have 15+ full-time content writers.
Each can crunch five heart-pounding, attention-grabbing and action-compelling posts for me.
I am not exaggerating.
Gosh, they can even make you fall off of your chair even if you have that seat belt on you (now I’m exaggerating).

I have web designers around the globe.
I have a few in the US, the UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Australia….you want some more?
I better stop listing all the countries from here or we’ll have a geography class.

I decided on this a long time ago.
I asked myself if that decision is coming from pride or purpose.
I pondered. I prayed over it. I asked God to make it clear to me.
It dawned on me what my spiritual mentor (hi-5 Bro. Bo!) once said, “You have a special gift that only you can give.”

My gifting is in writing and in managing and building online services.
I have lost count already of how many quotes and articles I’ve written while I’m at the mall, in the bathroom and even in my sleep.
Today, I have seven blessed online services.
I have learned how to invest in mutual funds and in the stock market, too.
This third quarter of 2013, my wife and I, together with our business partner, are planning to launch a financial consultancy business.

My friend, what is your gift?
What’s that “one thing” that you can give to the world to bless other people?
Maybe you are a good MMDA officer. Ask for the traffic violator’s driver’s license without telling him to sandwich a few paper bills in it.
Maybe you are a good bookkeeper. Do your job well without causing the business owner any overdue fees.
Maybe you are a good citizen of the Republic of the Philippines. Then start seeing the good in the bad and stop seeing the bad even when nothing is bad.

The looks of this website have changed.
This is one of my gifts for you.
But the purpose why this website is sitting next to millions of websites around the world hasn’t.
The gift’s wrapper has changed but not the gift inside.

Be ready for the blessings that come your way today.

Jaycee De Guzman

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