Truth We Have to Face About Autism


Autism is a neurological illness that affects the brain function of a person. The autism signs can be manifested in the first 3 years of an individual. Persons with autism have a problem in interacting with people and a speech delayed deficiency. The interaction with other people is different not like to normal people.

Lining of objects and no sense of danger are the most common autism symptoms that will appear to the person. They are not interested to normal education and playing, but they do things most of the time on their own skills. They discover new things on their own, and later on interested to something else already like drawings, singing and solving puzzles.

Autism treatments may not yet be found, according to the experts, but the most effective way to do is the early intervention. An early intervention suggests different kinds of therapies that will help the person be in the normal world over time. Because they are like in their own shell in their world, and we as normal people will help them get out from it. It is not treatment alone, but allowing the patient to develop socially through interaction. Talking to them often through eye contact helps them a lot to develop their speech. Teaching them our daily routines and reading them stories will also help. Also watching television will help them communicate because of what they see on television. Most important of all is do not let the child hear loud voices or witness fights in front of them.

The Functional and Severe are the types of autism. Functional autistic is those who can be easily dealt with, they can communicate, though in a sluggish way but can interact with people definitely. They can also help with some household chores, like setting the table, folding their clothes, and doing their hygienes.  While those severe autistic individuals usually spend most of their time in one place, bowed-head and creating repetitive sounds. They do not have an eye-contact with people, and they do not socialize. There are some instances that they bang their heads to any hard part because they do not fear danger at all. A person with mild autism is categorized as functional, they can be easily taught, talk to, and later on can follow instructions. They can later on be in a mainstream class.

There are no definite causes of autism, but experts believe that extreme emotions or psychological condition of the expectant mother is linked to autistic children. The emotions of the mother greatly affect the developing brain of the child inside the womb.

Autistic behavior, like the repetitive sounds and actions they create especially for autistic kids, severe or not, needs special attention and love from parents. They also need understanding and patience from the people around. Enrolling them in autism-oriented classes will be a big help for their development. Autistic people need more education and socialization with other people. They need us to help them live close to normal life.

The problem with autism is still rising worldwide. It can never be stopped. Special schools and therapy centers like for speech, and occupational therapy must be provided by the government for their fast development. Indoor and outdoor activities are also important to mingle them with different people. A short walk in the park and a simple eat out in restaurants will help them recognize people and familiarize themselves in the outside world.

Another disorder that is similar to autism is dyslexia. It is a neurological disability wherein it affects the reading and writing of the person. They read and write in an inverted way. Their speech is also affected, this is in a sluggish manner. Dyslexics have a learning and comprehension disability. It’s recommended for them to be in an individual schooling as one of their treatments. There are ways in treating dyslexics, one is reading and phonics alertness, giving detailed and straight training and conducting to verbal reading to grow eloquent. The cause of this disorder is not yet being found, treatments are already made to some schools. They create programs that  specialize in the learning disabilities. This will help dyslexics cope with normal education. Treatments like these, like autism, will be more effective with the parent’s help and understanding. No matter how expensive treatment will be, if there is no support from the family, treatment of autism and related conditions will not be successful.

Jaycee De Guzman

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