What Do Catholics Really Celebrate on Christmas?


I’d like to comment based on the context of this news from Interaksyon.com.

In my humble opinion, I speak in general, when it’s on matters of religiosity, it’s very important to ask this question to one’s self, “Am I resisting this religion’s practice because their practice is not Godly or am I just fearful, on behalf of the religion that I represent, that it feels we’re being outnumbered if I co-celebrate with them whatever they celebrate on this specific date?”

I already said it once on this page that my parents are members of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Kung sa pakikipagbaliktakan lang tungkol sa Bibliya, letra for letra, ibibili ko ng VIP tiket nanay ko para mauna lang yan sa pila. Hindi rin yan magpapatalo ng buhay. I don’t embrace most of her beliefs. She doesn’t embrace most of my beliefs, too. But when it comes to the celebration of Christmas every December 25th, we set aside whatever religion in inked on our NSO-certified birth certificates.

What we celebrate is not the proclamation that Jesus Christ, some 2000 years ago, was literally born on December 25th. What we celebrate is the union and re-union of the families.

Pansinin nyo, sa bawat mag-anak ninyo, meron at merong pamilya either sa side ng lolo o lola ang hindi malapit sa inyo. Nagagawa nilang bisitahin yung pamilya either sa side ng lola o lola ninyo, na mga 500 meters lang ang distansya mula sa inyo, pero wala pa rin silang ganang dumaan man lang sa inyo. You’re not angry with one another but you lost the appetite to see one another. Agree or AGREE? That’s what we call “relationship drift”.

Ano ba itong “drift” na to? Nagmula to sa konsepto ng kung papaano tayo nagkaroon ng mga isla hindi lang sa 3 isla ng Pilipinas kundi na rin sa bawat kontinente ng mundo. Ang dating iisang isla, kusang nagkakapira-piraso at dumidistanya kada taon ang bawat piraso at nagiging kanya-kanyang mga isla.

Christmas is a celebration wherein, despite of everyone’s busy life, we make time to see one another.

When you’re on your death bed at naghihingalo ka na, sasabihin mo bang, “Pakitawag sina ganito.. yung mga Iglesia lang ha?” Or “…yung mga Katoliko lang ha? Yung nanay ko dahil INC sya wag mo nang tawagin..” Meron bang ganun? Kahit siguro preacher ka ikaw na naghihingalo, at atheist ang kapatid mo, ipapatawag mo pa rin di ba? What does that mean? At the end of the day, you need to dig deeper, DIG DEEPER, about the real essence of why Catholic families COME TOGETHER on Christmas Day.

When Jesus was born, Joseph, his poster father, was there.
Mary, her mother, was there.
The kings were there.
The animals were even there.
Christmas is a celebration of union and re-union of families.

Jaycee De Guzman

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