What Do You Say When Someone Tells You That You’re Rich?

I often hear people downplaying the goodness of God when someone tells them that they’re getting rich or they’re rich.
Person 1: “Uy mare, ang yaman mo na ah!”
Person 2: “Di naman mare. Dami ko ngang utang eh. (alangan namang sabihin kong ‘oo’, baka bumwelo pa ng ‘pautang naman’).”
When someone tells you that you’re rich or getting rich, and you really are, say, “Yes, it’s because God has blessed me.” If not, say, “Not yet, but God’s blessing is not its way. I can hear the sound of rain.”
Arrogance is magnifying yourself over God when someone notices the blessings God has given you. It’s not a show of humility to downplay God’s blessings and act or talk as though you are totally clueless as to where your blessings are coming from.
I am a father. I feel an unexplainable joy when my son brags about me or my wife when we buy him a new pair of shoes, candies, clothes, toys, etc. Notice that it’s not us bragging about ourselves but the one whom God has blessed through us, his parents. It’s not that we take the credit that’s meant for God, but we divert that credit back to God by constantly telling our son that God is our one and only provider.
I can’t imagine what would I feel if I heard my son telling his friends, “Look at my new pair of shoes. I found these in the trash can in front of our house.” or “Look at my new polo shirt. I found this near our gate.”
Let us always honor God’s goodness because He takes delight in your prosperity. He loves seeing you blessed. Proclaim God’s goodness by magnifying His goodness.
Jaycee De Guzman


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