What Does a Serial Complainer Get in Complaining?


A few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a blog where the author talked about everything that didn’t go well before, during, and after Christmas.

Being in the content marketing business, can I tell you that hateful articles get a lot of web traffic and social media shares?¬†Why? The web traffic stats of a hate-based website tell that millions of people are hateful. They complain why the sun is hot, why the sky is blue, why it’s dark at night.

If you don’t guard your mind and spirit against whiners, you can easily be drawn towards their magnetic pull. Ah, I was once a serial whiner so I know that first-hand. I almost registered a hate-based domain name for that purpose.

In fairness, the author has a decent knack for writing. But I can’t help but agree with one of the comments in the author’s blog. It says “This doesn’t offer any solution at all.”

I can sense the author’s emotion with the way sentences were inked on that blog. Furious. Angry. Disappointed. Ready to kill – a mosquito.

Over the years, I learned that spending all my energy in writing a hateful article didn’t help me make what I hated look good nor me look good.

Are a you a serial complainer?
At the end of the day, what have you garnered with your hateful post or article? 1,213 Facebook likes? 39 Facebook shares? 673 tweets? 571 YouTube views? A satisfied ego? A stressful life which can eventually lead to cancer? A vision of your 70-year old self, sitting on a rocking chair, looking at the wilderness, contemplating on this thought, “Poor old me. Why did I waste my time being hateful?”

Jaycee De Guzman

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