What I Learned Working With Scientists

What I Learned Working With Scientists

When I was 17 or 18 years old, I dreamed of becoming a scientist. So I went to our municipal hall and asked if there was a summer job that would give me the opportunity to work with scientists who are working for the government. Luckily, there was one. I was excited to see microorganisms behind a microscope.

Monday came and I went straight to the office of a group of botanists and other scientists. To my dismay, I was not handed with a microscope but a net. They wanted me to catch any insect I would see in the field. I led myself into thinking that maybe they wanted me to catch insects that I would need in order for me to have some objects to check over a microscope.

After catching a few grasshoppers, ants, flies, bugs, worms, dragonflies, beetles, and more, I ran straight to the laboratory. I was expecting to hear, “Here’s your microscope. Find a place do what we do.” But I heard, “Here’s your net. Go back to the field and catch more insects.”

The last week of my summer job came. To my surprise, one of the scientists gave me a tour in the laboratory. I had the chance to see microorganisms behind a microscope. Mission accomplished.

What’s the morale of that experience?

Often we only care about what we like. We don’t pay much attention to what we need. But life has its own of finding balance. Circumstances make us go through what we need before we achieve what we like.

We need to have patience, too. The opportunity is not going anywhere. But our impatience makes us go away, leaving the opportunity behind.

Dream big. Start small. Don’t violate one of the rules of this universe: everything big started small.

Jaycee De Guzman

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