What Would I Do if Mr. Edward Lee of COL Financial Offered Me a Job?

Yesterday, I’ve invited everyone to ask questions about anything, and I’ll respond to at least one question everyday.
What Would I Do if Mr. Edward Lee of COL Financial Offered Me a Job?
Greg, thank you for asking this question. Here’s my honest answer.
It would be a great honor if Mr. Edward Lee, COL Financial Chairman, would offer me a job in one of his companies. However, I would have to politely turn it down, even if, let’s say, the position would make me earn a monthly paycheck that’s more than my monthly net income.
I left a promising position from my previous job when I was an employee. I had politely turned down a job offer from one of the top 3 universities in the world. I had to politely turn down great offers of my foreign clients, who went all the way here in the Philippines, to manage their businesses. I have to politely turn down job offers I regularly receive from local and international recruiters through LinkedIn.
I’d like to make it crystal-clear that I really, really, really appreciate the trust and confidence of those people and companies in me. In my heart, I really do. But why did I turn down those great offers, anyway?
First, I like to work in an environment where I control my own. I only want to work with people I chose. I want to work in an environment where I set my own rules. If I were to become an employee again, I won’t be able to do and to experience that. Far more than the money and the business model, IT IS ALWAYS the PEOPLE whom I choose to work with and the RULES that are at the top of my list.
Second, I have a very different definition of almost all terminologies in an employee-employer setting compared to my entrepreneurial world. Let me give you one terminology: work smart. The ideal definition of this word is okay for me. But when I was an employee, the people whom I saw advocating “smart work” are those who took breaks more than what the company allowed; those who malingered; those who chose to bend the rules just to appear “macho” or a “beauty queen” before their subordinates. I. Don’t. Like. That. Why would I go back to a place with a culture that I do not like? In my world, if I see someone exercising the old-school smart-work I saw when I was an employee, I’d show him or her the door.
Third, when I was an employee, I was working for money regardless if the tasks assigned to me were aligned with my passion or not. Now that I am an entrepreneur, I ONLY deal with my passion. Money comes naturally.
Let me give you a few examples.
I like writing. Whether you like what I’m writing or not, I will write with my own words, at my own time, in my own place. Because I like what I’m doing, people have noticed my passion. That’s why thousands of small-, medium, and big-scale businesses around the world have already used my digital marketing services to take care of their online marketing needs. Money comes naturally.
I like numbers. I like looking at charts. I love thinking deep. I love to analyze. That’s why I like the stock market. When I post free stock analysis or anything about the stock market on my website and on my social media accounts, I do that not to impress anyone. I do it at my own command. I do it because I like doing it. It makes me feel fulfilled to do my passion. Because people see the passion and the worth in what I do, they subscribe to the Stock Signals. Money comes naturally.
Besides, there are so many legal money-making opportunities I’ve discovered already. Twenty four hours a day is not even enough for me to touch base on all those opportunities. I don’t think I’m going to leave this cave of gold for a pot of silver very soon.
I hope I was able to satisfy your question, Greg.
Everyone, good morning. Please ask questions about anything. I don’t know everything, however, but if I know the answer, I’ll answer it.
Jaycee De Guzman

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