Where Do You Bring Your Problems?

Where Do You Bring Your Problems?

It’s Sunday.

On a day like this, I allow my spiritual life and physical life to catch up with each other.

Sometimes, I’m caught up in a situation when my physical life runs faster than my spiritual life, especially on weekdays. So when Sunday comes and I get the chance to ask myself if I am genuinely happy with my produce for the past 5 to 6 days, sometimes, I had to take a few deep breaths just to hook up an honest answer from within. Sometimes, the answer I hooked up is a “no”.

My physical and spiritual life should run at the exact same speed. But because they don’t move at the same velocity, sometimes, I get frustrated because the actualities are too far from my expectancies. When that happens, I get angry as though a dormant volcano from Africa mysteriously teleports into my head and erupts at its best.

Life is about balance. I thank the Lord for giving me Sundays to reflect, to look back and to wait for my spiritual life that was left behind by my physical life. I know I have to do something.

To help me have my spiritual and physical life work as one, I do these things on a Sunday:

  1. I, together with my wife and son, wake up at 4 in the morning and drive or commute for 2 to 4 (2 hours when driving; 4 hours when commuting) hours from Tarlac to PICC, Pasay City for our weekly spiritual gathering at The Feast in PICC. If we can’t physically attend, we watch it via live streaming at www.weeklyfeast.com.
  2. I listen and watch to inspirational and/or spiritual pre-recorded videos of any inspirational and/or spiritual speaker on YouTube. Bro. Bo Sanchez and Joel Osteen videos are two of my favorites. You’ll find Bro. Bo Sanchez’ YouTube channel here. You may sign-up to Joel Osteen’s videos for free through his website at www.joelosteen.com. Moreover, I listen to TEDTalks videos on YouTube, too. You’ll find TEDTalks’ channel here.

As someone who came from an indigent family before reaching the green pasture, I will be the first one who will tell you that the greatest challenge of mankind is not about money, but the ability to allow your personal expectancies to coexist in harmony with life’s actualities.

I realized that things happen in my life with or without my signature.
Sometimes, I signed up for a basket of oranges, but I got a basket of apples.

Friend, maybe you’ve been praying for a loved one.

  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your father to come back home and be with you, your siblings and your mother, but he still chooses to work abroad, when, in fact, he could have chosen to work locally had he wanted to.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your mother to get well soon, but her illness is getting worse.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your brother to really know what he wants in life, but he’s still doing things in his wicked ways.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your boss to promote you, but all he does is take all the credit.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your own house, but you don’t know whether your housing loan got approved or not because you still haven’t been notified by the bank or loan agency.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your husband to be more supportive of you, but, up to now, he still thinks he always has the best ideas over you.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying for your stock portfolio to turn green soon, but it’s still red as blood for almost six months now.
  • Perhaps, you’ve been praying to get a college scholarship grant, but it feels like the one who is willing to sponsor you is yet to be born.

Friend, allow your physical and spiritual aspects of your life to coexist harmoniously and together.

Do not bring your problems wherever you GO.
You bring your problems to GOD.
God will manufacture, re-pack and convert those PROBLEMS into POTENTIALS.
Then, you will walk with GOD-given POTENTIALS wherever you go.

The Lord will fulfill the dreams that He planted in your heart.

Jaycee De Guzman

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