Why I Avoid Gossipers (and why you should too)


Eventually, you become what you read, what you watch, and who you listen to.

As I am still on a holiday break (though it’s not obvious as I’m still active, but believe you me, at this level, I’m on a break-mode). Anyway, I’ve had the chance to go here and there. Have you ever experienced visiting someone and the theme of the conversation from the start to finish, for 60 or so minutes, is the life of TV actors and actresses?

While I respect that people have different sets of values in life, my goodness, where’s the nutrition in an hour-long conversation of whether Actor A is gay or not, whether Actress X has a child or not? If that kind of conversation were a food, I felt like I was eating and nibbling a flat tire while I brainwash myself that it would help my biceps and triceps develop. It would be fine if that kind of conversation would only last for 3 to 5 minutes, but betcha by golly wow, I can’t redeem 60 wasted minutes from that conversation.

If gossipers are reading this post, I’m sure they are already saying, “Get a life, Jaycee. You’re anti-social.”

Well, if talking about stuff that won’t make you any better is how you define a socially-coordinated and oriented person, I don’t mind being malnourished in that category based on your own definition. Bag the Loudest Gossiper award if you like. Do you need a sash? How about a laminated certificate?

If and when I encounter a conversation like that, I think of an alibi and politely excuse myself (e.g. “Oh, I’m sorry; please excuse me, I have an appointment in Jupiter. Son Goku is already waiting.”.).

Seriously, just as how meticulous you are in checking the expiration date of the products you’re buying this holiday season, be selective of the people you spend time with. Be picky with the quality of conversation you soak your ears into. Your ears are not a trash bin, are they?

Sometimes, seeing those relatives, who take delight in junk conversations, once in your once-a-year family reunion is enough. Don’t make an announcement that you’re going to distance yourself from them. Just little by little reduce the time you spend with them. Your 2016 is too great to waste your time listening to conversations that won’t make you better.

Jaycee De Guzman

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