Why I Continue Posting Even When I’m “Boring”

Why I Continue Posting Even When I'm Boring

It’s not difficult for me to answer this question.

But I know how difficult it was for this person to ask this question without being misconstrued for her intention.

One of my followers on social media asked.

Sir, I hope you won’t find this offensive, but I want to know where your motivation comes from so I can apply it to myself, too.

Sir, di ko alam kung paano ko uumpisahan pero ganito. Kakaiba kang mag-post, Sir. I mean, malalim madalas ang pinanggagalingan ng post mo. Kung tutuusin, mas malaman pa nga ang mga post mo kaysa sa mga ibang motivational speakers diyan na tig 1 million or 2 million na ang followers.

Yung mga pino-post nila ay basic thoughts lang pero hundreds of shares at minsan ay thousands of likes ang nahaharvest ng mga post nila.

Yung mga post mo, Sir, napansin ko hindi takaw Facebook likes. Buti Sir non-stop ka pa rin nagpo-post ng mga messages na malalalim?

Sir, please don’t get me wrong po ha? What I’m trying to understand is, saan po nagmumula yung foundation ng motivation ninyo to keep doing what you’re doing kahit pa sabihin na nating hindi makamasa ang mga post na malalalim ang hugot?

I mean, malaking bagay po sa akin kung matututunan ko rin on how to stay motivated, especially sa mga pagkakataong ako na lang ang naniniwala sa mga ginagawa at pinatutunguhan ng career, business, at buhay ko. Nabanggit ninyo po sa isa ninyong post dati na kailangan matutunan natin kung paano kilitiin ang sarili natin.

Kayo, Sir, paano po ninyo nakikiliti ang sarili ninyo?

Sir sana you won’t find this inquiry offensive po talaga. Sana maishare po ninyo sa akin ang source of motivation ninyo. Salamat po.


Hi! No worries; I’m not offended at all.

In fact, when I post, I post not to get validation if my train of thought is in conformity with the masses. Often, I post not to solicit suggestions but to share my decisions.

I share my visions with everyone, through Facebook, for a purpose.

It is to make myself accountable in translating that announcement into reality.

What a shame if I were only a smooth announcer but not a hardcore doer, right?

I deliberately put pressure on myself.

Pressure is like chicken manure, a fertilizer.

I don’t like it but I need it.

Moreover, I am aware that I am a transcendental person.

Almost always, transcendental thinkers are the boring types of people in the eyes of the many who are not fond of posts that require heavy thinking.

I don’t get demotivated when my posts don’t become as viral as the posts of more famous motivational speakers and influencers who share short posts that require no deep-thinking.

Before I became active on social media more than half a decade ago, I already like and love myself.

My awe, love, and fascination for myself does not diminish when no one likes my posts.

I can tap myself on the back if I want.

I can buy myself a medal if I want.

I can celebrate myself any time I want.

I can print a certificate for myself and sign it whenever I like.

I am aware, with my five basic senses, that I am very good in what I do and that I still can do better in my own terms, in my own space, and in my own time.

I am not swayed by others’ opinion.

I don’t go out on social media to be liked, wanted, or loved.

I give no one the power to determine my like-ability score.

That power is mine alone.

So how do I stay motivated and believe that I am liked and loved?

My God loves me.

My family loves me.

I love me.

When those three love you, you are loved by the 99.99 percent.

The good news is, you don’t have to do anything for God to love you. He already loves you even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. There is nothing you can do for Him not to love you. God loves you whether you like it or not.

As for the family, family is family. It’s not always, but almost always it’s the family that you can consider as your safe place.

As for yourself, I ask you to go in front of the mirror and say, “I like and love you, you good-looking thing!

When you have a noble goal, do it not to solicit people’s approval.

Do it because you have decided to do it.

Your can-do senses know better than the vital organs of the naysayers.

Jaycee De Guzman

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