Your Success in Business Is Determined by How Much You Read


Every day, I indulge myself into reading books and articles on the Internet. Every day, I read discussions on Internet Marketing and business-related forums. I don’t just read. I participate actively by answering and asking questions to like-minded people. I have spent eight (8) straight years on Internet Marketing and it is only when I am sick that I don’t get the chance to read good books or browse the Internet and join online discussions.

Let Me Tell You a Story

So why am I telling you all these stories? Nothing. I just feel telling you so. Hey, this is my website. Kidding aside, I have met all sorts of people with different background and experiences from the Internet and the weekly events in Manila. I can tell you straight that some of these people can write a book in 3 to 5 days only, some can start one business a year and some can turn their computer into an ATM (like what I am doing every day). We are all different in our own ways. But we have one characteristic in common.

We love to read no matter how long the message is. Reading is our small step towards our gigantic leap in our businesses.

A $10.00-Contract Changed My Financial Life

In early 2005, I got my feet wet as a freelance writer. I can still remember I placed a bid for a handsome contract worth $10.00. Yes, it was a handsome amount to me. I was so excited to earn my first US dollar. I was so cool and happy. I wish I already had a camera that day so I could have shown you a picture of how I was smiling while typing my cover letter. Do you want to know what happened with my first bid?

.I failed the application….

I failed to bag that $10.00 worth of a gig because I simply failed to write “123” on top of my cover letter. Jaycee, are you serious? Yes, as serious as you can imagine. Employers have gone wiser like it was never before. They know that “computer bots” can automatically send applications to job posts. Bots are computer programs that does your work automatically, such as applying and sending applications to job posts on outsourcing sites, such as oDesk, Freelancer and Craiglist. Employers want humans to work for them; not bots.

I Failed to Win

Does excitement lead you to failure? No, it does not! It was my split-second inability to read the entire job post that failed me. I am and will always be a good reader. But at that very moment, I “consciously neglect” to read the entire job posting. I bet my cover letter was one of the most, if not the only, emphatic, hyped, personalized and passable cover letter among all bidders. It was an outrageously long job posting that, I believed, the employer intentionally wrote to screen who’s really reading his requirements and not.

WARNING: Here’s the message I want to drop to shake your mind. Wherever you are sitting right now, I want you to hold on tight. I am not responsible for whatever damages that may occur once I drop my final message.

Rich people read a lot. Again, rich people read a lot.

Jaycee, that didn’t move me at all, not even a single strand of my eyelashes. Yes, it didn’t move you because you are reading the words but not the message. Let me give you a morning exercise. Raise your one hand if you can relate.

  1. How many of you missed to read something which you consider as the “longest Facebook post” you’ve ever seen in your entire life that says, “Email me your PayPal email address and I’ll send you $100.00 for reading my message?”
  2. How many of you prefer to hit Facebook’s like button on a copied and frequently posted image of a famous author’s quote posted by a never-heard Facebook friend than a personally-crafted, original and crisp motivational quote of a person who spent 20 minutes to write that very long post in my first question?

I barely didn’t see (nor feel) you raise your hand on those two questions.

Let me change my question a bit so you can raise, at least once, before I end this conversation.

How many of you can honestly confess and swear that you prefer receiving an ultimately short email than a long one, even if you truly know to yourself that that long email will save you hours in a meeting because everything you need to talk about in person is already written in that long email?

Hey, I only asked you to raise one hand if you can relate but not both hands. Also, you just need to raise your hand but don’t stand.

Friends, believe me. I am happy I did not win that $10.00 worth of a contract. I am thankful I have found the secret to abundance in business’ wealth – reading.

Today, I am still an active participant and considered as an authority in my chosen niche on famous Internet Marketing forums and live events and seminars. This month, I have spent PHP3,000 for books alone. When a newbie hopelessly asks what does it take to bag great wealth on Internet Marketing or in any business, I, together with successful Internet Marketers, would only answer, “Read as much as you can.”

Great speakers die. Great written words live forever.

Turn those great words into thoughts. 

Turn those great thoughts into things. Put them into reality. Your prize is written somewhere along those pages.

Jaycee De Guzman


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