Price-Volume Distribution Chart: Your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE


Most online stock brokers give us access to their raw data. Having access to that raw data is an equalizer. What you’re going to do with that raw data is how you can make a difference.

I decided to make my proprietary Price-Volume Distribution chart generator for any stock listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Some brokers just present a textual summary. I want to do something better that is graphical. You know, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Can I tell you two of the many things that our Price-Volume Distribution chart can do for you?

1. You can see the traded price points that got the biggest volume as trading happens in an instant.

Isn’t it helpful that you can see at a glance which transacted price points got the biggest volume?

Doesn’t it put you at a significant advantage when those who do not have an access to our Price-Volume Distribution charts would just have to make their “best estimate” of which price points got the biggest volume?

On the other hand, you who have access to our Private Clients Forum can post anytime with a request for your stock’s real-time Price-Volume Distribution chart.

No guesswork.

No best guesses.

That’s what we call an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for you. You’re ahead of the outsiders.

2. You can see whether the majority of the transacted volume is posted towards the intraday high, intraday low, or median of both.

If your stock hits a green Day Change but you see on the Price-Volume Distribution chart that the majority of the transacted volume is registered towards the intraday low or below the median of the intraday high and low, what does it tell you then?

That’s a clue that the intraday bullishness of your stock isn’t that strong yet. The intraday bullishness has not taken a solid ground yet.

Outsiders might think, “Yes, I’ll enter a new position now. It finally has a green Day Change.” What they do not know is that a cross sale could have been the only culprit for that one tick green Day Change and it might revisit the red zone anytime soon.

That’s your another UNFAIR ADVANTAGE to the outsiders of the Stock Signals Philippines.

I will give you some reading materials below. You MUST read each of these reading materials now, so you will realize what you’ve been missing all this time.

If you’re one of our clients, log into your account and request for the price-volume distribution chart of your stock every day on our Private Clients Forum.

Do it frequently.

If I were you, I’m going to take full advantage of my UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

Click here to get your access to our Private Clients Forum.

Jaycee De Guzman

Jaycee De Guzman

I have helped thousands of Filipinos trade independently and invest profitably through the Equilyst Analytics, Inc. I have also helped hundreds of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies build and boost their online presence through iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. Read my About Me page.
Jaycee De Guzman

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