3 Answers to the Million-Dollar Question in the Stock Market

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How to invest in the stock market?

That’s it. That’s the million-dollar question.
It’s a million-dollar (or peso if you like) question because you will literally earn that big, over time, once you’ve learned how to invest in the stock market.

But unlike the other how-to questions, such as “how to boil water” and “how to brush your teeth”, this million-dollar question can’t be answered clearly, fully and precisely in just one sitting. In short, there’s no straight-hook article, e-book or printed material that tackles the stock market in 360 degrees.

So, no one even attempted to write an e-book for that matter?
None that I know. Because just as why there’s no board exam for Computer Science college graduates, the stock market changes faster than what you think.
Even if I will write an e-book right now and through an unknown magic I will be able to finish it within 24 hours, I am not sure if that e-book will still be applicable as soon as the market opens by the next business day.

Whether you’re a newbie, a self-proclaimed guru or a proven-by-a-license stock market guru, I’m sure you’ve once asked that question to yourself or you’ve been receiving that question from your followers, either on your Facebook fan page, Twitter account or website.

Whether you’re someone who’s asking the question or you’re the one being asked, this article can help you find the direction towards the answer to your question – “How to invest in the stock market?”

This “how” question, oftentimes, give birth to the “what”, “where”, “when” and “why” of the stock market. So if someone asks me “how to invest in the stock market” and I entertain that person, I should be prepared to be in that discussion for a while.

I’ve come up with tips that can help me separate the curious from the serious. If you’re someone who gives pieces of advice on personal finance (mutual funds, life insurance, stock market), you may have this article handy.

Rule # 1: Ask Google. Ask Yahoo. Ask Bing.

I’m not a stockholder of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft – just yet. But I’m citing these three search engines because they are the biggest in our generation.

Did you know that one single question you type on Google can have millions of answers from different people in milliseconds? If you said “no”, I will only forgive you if you were born last night or if you haven’t seen nor used the internet yet.

Itemize, quantify and sort the answers you got from Google. Summarize it. If you’re not good in writing, copy and paste the answers you got. Print it. Then, you study it.

This way, when you approach a financial advisor, you can present on the table what you already know instead of just asking straightly on how to invest in the stock market. That will save you both a lot of time. Your financial advisor can position himself on the things you still don’t know or on the things you already know but need correction.

A self-propelled person always beats the one who only relies on other persons’ answers.

Rule # 2: Watch a lot of stock market-related videos on YouTube.

Have you heard or read, “The best suggestions are sometimes for FREE”?
(Well, yes, you have just read it.)

Almost all online stockbrokers have how-to videos or tutorials. Some financial advisors also record their videos, seminars and interviews and make them available on their YouTube channel.

Sometimes, I read comments on Facebook from people who are interested to attend a stock market-related seminar, but they can’t because it’s costly or it’s in conflict with their prior schedule. That’s no longer a valid excuse. There are tons of videos online such as that of Pesos and Sense and COL Financial. Bro. Bo Sanchez, in his Truly Rich Club, regularly conducts seminars. I attended one. Some of the attendees recorded the seminar and published it on their YouTube channel.

You may download the videos; convert them into an MP3 format; and transfer them to your iPod or smartphone. You can repeatedly listen to them as audio files if you like. Yes, repetition is the mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents and parents-in-law of all skills. If I upload or promote someone else’s YouTube video on my network, and if it has 100 views already, rest assured that those 10 views are mine. My smartphone has lots of e-books and audio seminars, too.

Rule # 3: Attend seminars.

You don’t have time? Make time.
You don’t have money? Save up.
You don’t want to attend? Get out of my website. This article is not for you. I’m half kidding. 

I attend seminars not just because of what the speaker or speakers will say. I also consider the value that I will get from my co-attendees. Who knows? I may be able to get a client from my fellow attendees. I’m an online service provider! I may also win a mentor and a friend from my fellow attendees. You can build a network of like-minded people by attending stock market-related seminars.
Now you know that if you’ll ask how me directly how to invest in the stock market, I’ll just give you AWA. I’m not referring to the Filipino word for “mercy”, but these three rules:

Rule # 1: Ask Google. Ask Yahoo. Ask Bing.
Rule # 2: Watch a lot of stock market-related videos on YouTube.
Rule # 3: Attend seminars.

Hey, I’d like to hear your success stories on how you learned how to invest in the stock market. You may write your comment below this article. Thanks!

Jaycee De Guzman


  1. Thank God for you Mr. Guzman. I’m a stay at home dad. That decided to quit my job as there was a calling to meditate and recieve guidance from Infinite Intelligence. Recently I’ve been asking and asking. Now i let Go and let God. And im recieving the Light the Clarity the Potential and The Abundance. And now im looking in to play the Stock Market with the Truly rich club.

    P.s i kept telling my self im just going to read one more article and im gonna di house chores lol

    God bless you and i am looking forward to this journey. 🙂

    • Hi Martin,

      I’m happy to know that you’re getting a clearer sight of the path where you’d like to go. My prayer for you is for God to fulfill the dreams that He planted in your heart. May you see and share God’s exceeding abundance and greatness through your journey in the stock market.

      Are you already a member of the Truly Rich Club?



  2. Hi Jaycee!

    I guess the “how to invest in the stock market” is the easy part. The hard part of it is how to profit in the stock market. To be able to invest in the stock market one must be a license broker of if not you got to hire a broker thus leading to the opening an account with that particular broker. Picking the right stock at the right time at the right price would be the hardest part of investing. And your tips are good. As they say information will lead you to the attainment of your goal. And to have information you got to look for it and understand it.

    • Hi Louis,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you said.

      However, you don’t need to be a licensed stockbroker to be able to invest in the stock market. As you may already know, investing in the stock market is also called a self-directed investment vehicle. There are many online stockbrokers’ platforms, such as COL Financial, where one can open an account and manage his investments on his own, without the need to hire an actual broker who will manage your account for you.

      Once again, thank you for your feedback.



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