3 Reasons Why OFWs Must Invest in the Philippine Stock Market ASAP

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How long have you been an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)?

Where do you usually put the money you are earning upon receiving them?

OFWs have various ways of spending their money, especially if we’re talking about those who already have families and those who are still single.

On the other hand, a very common scene for OFWs is not being to make the most out of the every penny that they are earning. Many OFWs just engage in the endless cycle of earning money and losing money right away.

Now, if you are an OFW or you know someone who is, and you wish for this cycle to be broken, get to know the reasons why it would be very smart to invest in the Philippine stock market while you can.

Waste No More Money and Effort

As an OFW, you might have engaged yourself in the endless cycle of earning and losing money. When you get your salary, you immediately send it to your family here in the Philippines, for them to be able to pay all their bills and to buy what they need. It is, indeed, a never-ending routine, which leaves you with little or no savings by the end of every month.

Investing in the Philippine stock market, on the other hand, is a better option for you than “hiding” your salary in a savings account. Investments in the stock market, with proper guidance, grow better than savings in a bank account. Though this comes without 100% assurance, taking the time to understand how stock market investing works can really help you in making smart investments.

Source of Income Even When You Retire

Don’t just think about all the expenses of the family and aim that they would just get through every month. You don’t want to see yourself left empty-handed when you reach your retirement age. The sooner you invest in the stock market, the better. If you wish to change this scenario, start learning how to invest in the Philippine stock market now.

Let me say you’re 40 years old and your target retirement age is 65. If you’ll start investing P5,000.00 a month for 25 years, at an estimated annual growth rate of 12%, see the potential growth of your investment below.

Investment Calculator - P5,000

If you’ll invest P10,000.00 per month, here’s what may happen.

Investment Calculator - P10,000

What if you’ll start investing P10,000.00 per month by the age of 35 (NOT 40)? Take a look at the Potential Earnings box below. Do you see the big difference 5 years could make? What does this mean now? It means the sooner you start, the better.

Investment Calculator - 10K age 35

Savings Account’s Return Rate Is Less Than Stock Market Investment Return Rate

Investing a part of your monthly income in the Philippine stock market, instead of putting it in a savings account can be a smarter move because the return rate offered by the stock market is higher compared to the return rate of typical savings accounts.

However, it would always be wiser for you to study first where it is best in the stock market to put your money or get some advice from those who know how to pick companies that are good to invest with for the long haul.

With the reasons I’ve mentioned above, what are now your thoughts about investing in the Philippine stock market?

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Jaycee De Guzman

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