5,000+ Stock Investors Have Watched These Online Stock Market Courses

5,000+ Stock Investors Have Watched These Online Stock Market Courses

I started my journey in the stock market in 2001. I had two challenges when I was starting up.

First, I did not know which topics I should study and how to arrange them according to their order of importance.

Second, I did not know who and where to ask.

I felt like I enrolled in an undergraduate course; that I was responsible to write the course syllabi; and that I needed to teach myself using the course syllabi that I, myself, wrote.

If you think that investing in the stock market is taboo for the Filipinos this 2017, you can imagine how alien this thing was to me nearly two decades ago.

Having a savings account was the cool thing back then.

I learned that stock investing the best investment asset but the riskiest one.

The good news is risk can be tamed through knowledge and experience.

I seriously wanted to know more about the stock market so I had to learn all by myself.

My goal was to read at least one page about the stock market per day.

That one-page-a-day goal led to 20-pages-a-day-at-least.


There were so many jargons that I did not understand on every article I found on Google.

It did not make sense for me to just read one page and call it a day without understanding what those terminologies meant.

I had no background on personal or business finance. But I did not use my situation as an excuse.

I had limited resources but I have unlimited resourcefulness.

Today, I sound confident when I talk or write about the stock market but that’s because I made an ambitious, outrageous, crazy decision nearly two decades ago that I would industriously, dedicatedly, and diligently study the basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons on stock trading and investing.

I wanted it so badly to be an independent trader and a profitable investor.

That day has already arrived several years ago.

The Stock Signals Philippines, which is a brand name of Equilyst Analytics, Inc., is the evidence.

Now it’s your time!

I want you to use my experience and success.

I want you to take advantage of what I’ve learned for nearly two decades.

I know you also want to learn how to become an independent and a profitable stock investor.

You’re blessed because you no longer have to do it on your own.

I have already arranged the topics that you need to study.

I’ve already ranked them according to three levels of difficulty: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

My team and I have already prepared the video resources.

All you have to do is to play the videos.

Would you like to know why thousands of Filipinos prefer to buy their access to our Online Stock Market Courses instead of attending an in-person seminar?

I’ll tell you why.

  1. Convenience. 

I don’t like traffic. I don’t want you to experience what I don’t like. You don’t need to travel to learn. Play or watch our tutorial videos on your phone or laptop through the internet. Can you replay everything that you heard from the previous in-person seminars you attended? In most cases, a recorded video or audio of the seminar is not part of the package. But with our Online Stock Market Courses, the good news is you can replay our videos.

  1.  Flexibility.

I dictate my schedule. I want to be my own boss. That’s why I made it a point that you also have the freedom to watch our Online Stock Market Courses anytime and anywhere you like. If you want to watch and replay the videos every day or if you can only play them during your day off, it’s up to you.

  1. Wider Reach

You can watch our videos with your special someone, peers, relatives, officemates, and classmates among others. Can you tag along 5 friends who didn’t pay for their tickets in an in-person seminar for free? No, you can’t. With our Online Stock Market Courses, they can watch the videos on your screen (if you permit them).

  1. Affordability

How much do you pay for half-day seminars that tackle just some of the topics we cover in our Online Stock Market Courses? I’m sure it’s double, if not triple, the price of our Online Stock Market Courses. Our price tag for this golden product is dirt cheap. We leverage with the high volume of orders we receive for this product that’s why we can afford to lower the rate.

I could easily put a price tag of at least P10,000.00 for this Online Stock Market Courses and I would still feel generous.

I’ve decided not to do that, even if that’s what I should be doing if I were to be profit-focused, because I want to help you.

When I say YOU, I’m referring to everyone, especially the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and local employees.

The majority of those who signed up to my email list are OFWs and rank-and-file employees. I’ve never been an OFW but I regularly speak with OFWs and hear their stories through the bunch of emails I receive every week.

I was a rank-and-file employee for many years.

I know your hardships. I know how you strive to make both ends meet.

Instead of charging you P10,000.00 for a 1-year access to our Online Stock Market Courses (basic, intermediate, and advanced courses), you can get it this week for only P2,999.00.

The difference between P10,000.00 and P2,999.00 is my early Christmas Gift for you. You can use it as your starting fund for your online stockbroker’s account or use it to top up on your existing stock investment.

Click here to get our Online Stock Market Courses today!

Jaycee De Guzman

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