A Must-Watch for Traders of Trending Stocks

A Must-Watch for Traders of Trending Stocks

Find and Trade Trending Stocks

A lot of you have asked me, “Sir, how do you find tradable stocks?”

I focus on the trending stocks. I check the top gainers and top losers every day

How to Filter Them?

“But there’s a lot. How do you trim them down to a few candidates?”

If I intend to invest long-term in a stock, I do both fundamental and technical analysis.

Why both?

Fundamental analysis tells me if the company is making a decent and sustainable profit.

Technical analysis tells me the best entry price for the profitable companies.

On the other hand, if I intend to do short-term trading, I do technical analysis only.

What If You Don’t Know How to Analyze the Top 10 Trending Stocks?

“Sir, how or where can I get data-driven insights about the top 5 gainers and top 5 losers so I can also do what you do?”

It’s either you learn how to analyze stocks or you outsource the tedious work of analyzing stocks.

However, you must find someone who gives not only data-driven but also transparent insights.

The final question of the seminar attendee gave birth to my Top 5 Gainers and Top 5 Losers Analysis service.

Does the Video Have Fundamental and Technical Analysis?

If you will listen to our video sample below, you will notice that we are giving our overall sentiment both from the perspective of fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

We do that so you have a choice on whose perspective you would want to follow.

I know that some of you have a bias on the fundamental analysis while some are depending on the technical analysis.

Sometimes, fundamental analysis thinks that a stock is undervalued but technical analysis says that it’s overbought or expensive to trade already. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Sometimes they both agree.

We make sure that our Top 5 Gainers and Top 5 Losers Analysis video offers a valuable information for both the fundamentalist and the technician.

I’ve trained and instructed my team how to analyze the top 5 gainers and top 5 losers (based on total turnover value) by the end of each trading day.

This Top 5 Gainers and Top 5 Losers Analysis video is one of the best-selling financial products of Equilyst Analytics.

That’s not luck.

Our clients find it helpful because they get updated with our sentiment for each of the trending stocks.

The Filipino investor simply finds it useful, informative, and easy to understand.

I’ve posted a sample video so you can see it for yourself.

P29,999.99? P4,999.00 for a Year of Access

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That’s only P14.00 per day!

You bet! For only P14.00 per day, you’re getting a video-based analysis of 10 stocks.

Seriously, where can you get an equity analyst who will analyze 10 stocks for only P14.00 per day?

You better hurry. A week ago, the discount was at P2,999.00. It became P3,999.00. Now it’s at P4,999.00.

Like a bullish stock, this will slowly inch up towards the regular rate.

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Jaycee De Guzman

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