AskJaycee # 9: Should Experienced Stock Traders and Investors Teach for Free or for a Fee?

Should Experienced Stock Traders and Investors Teach for Free or for a Fee?

“If you’re really a good trader and if your strategy is really evergreen, why bother teaching others through your online stock market course and stock market subscription service? Why not keep everything you know to yourself so that you alone can benefit from it? Or, instead of asking for payment for your service, why don’t you teach us for free? Earn through your own trades and not through subscription fees!”

This is the favorite objection of people who naturally hate people like me who has a paid stock market service.

Their question is no different from the context of these questions below.

“If you’re really a great doctor, why not spend your whole life formulating the pill for the ‘fountain of youth’ and make every ingredient compatible only to the DNA structure you choose so you can maintain absolute and complete control of those who’ll be immortal?”

“If you’re a brilliant digital marketing strategist, why not keep everything you know to yourself so only you and your businesses will benefit from it? Don’t mind other businesses. Let them discover how to grow their own online presence. Go to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s office on Monday and file for the closure of your iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc., Jaycee.”

“If you’re really good at teaching, why not just focus in teaching yourself? Who knows, by using your brilliance in teaching yourself, you might end up as the smartest Earthling. Ain’t that cool, Jaycee?”

Here’s my take on it.

I’m an entrepreneur. When I experienced a problem and fixed it, it’s more than likely for me to package my solution as a paid service, especially if my research shows that there’s a relatively sizable group of people who is also experiencing the same problem or problems I had had.

Besides, I’ve been encouraging everyone to back-test what I teach. The results of the back-tests are the determiners of the accuracy of my scientific methods in stock trading and investing. Don’t you think I didn’t know that my credibility would be jeopardized if I offered a service with untested and illogical methodologies?

You need to stop thinking that if you’re good at something, you need to keep it to yourself. You’ll find it difficult to become a successful entrepreneur when you think that greatness should only flow TO you and not THROUGH you.

Entrepreneurs like me have an outward perspective when we stumble upon a solution to a problem. We deliberately look for problems. It can be our own problems or other people’s problems. We fix the problems. Then, we offer the solution as a service. So, the solution flow not only to us, but also through us.

You’ll never ever be able to conceptualize a business idea if you believe that your time and energy should only and always be given away for free once you’ve become great at something.

By the way, access to our EquiTalks Library is free. You’ll be able to read news and analysis that we write in-house. You can listen to our podcasts. You can watch our videos. Did I say it’s free?

I also do some pro-bono works in teaching how to trade or invest in the Philippine stock market.

I do it for God and country.

Are you God?

No, you’re not.

Are you a country?

Definitely, not.

Okay. You pay. 🙂

Seriously, the premium services of Equilyst Analytics, such as our stock market subscription service and online stock market course, are for you if you’d like to get more than just our freebies.

You know what, it is not for those who need help to decide if those who can help “should” help for free or for a fee.

It is up to the experienced ones to decide how much of their time and knowledge they should give away for free or for a fee. That right is exclusively theirs.

Say it with me, “Vultures can’t be choosy.”

Repeat that 100 times.

So, if I ask payment for my time, knowledge, and energy, does it automatically mean I only earn through your subscription fees and not through my own trades and investments?

But if you still insist that I only earn through subscription fees and not through my own trades, the rite of exorcism must be done on you ASAP. I can refer you to some exorcists I know. Don’t worry; it’s FREE!

Jaycee De Guzman

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