BDO UNIBANK, INC.(BDO): 07.21.2014 Performance Review

Stock Analysis -

There was no trading for BDO UNIBANK, INC.(BDO) yesterday. So, the share price last July 21, 2014 remains at PHP90.90 per share.

BDO UNIBANK, INC.(BDO): 07.21.2014 Performance Review

BDO Stats

Bearish/Bullish/Sideways: Bearish
RSI: 48.24 – still considered inexpensive
P/E: 15.50 – still considered inexpensive
Volume: Volume has been so erratic for the past 5 days of trading.

Current Share Price: PHP 90.90
Support: PHP 90.00
Resistance: PHP 91.70


BDO is showing steady signs of bearish movements. Evidently, MACD is approaching the long-term moving average (zero line) and it’s below the 9-day moving average (signal line).

Action Plans You May Consider

You may want to HOLD your position for now until MACD gives you a confirmed buy or sell decision when a crossover shows up. If low volume and more sellers than buyers combine, we may touch the line of the support zone at PHP 90.00 per share or even below. But, if MACD changes direction from a downward trend, breaking the resistance is possible.

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