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As of November 10, 2015, at 03:30PM GMT+8, BLOOM ranged between PHP5.46 and PHP5.63.
BLOOM’s last price is PHP5.48 with a Percentage Change of -2.66% or -0.15 point(s).

Support: PHP5.35
Resistance: PHP5.69

MACD, at -0.12, shows that BLOOM’s downward momentum is stronger than its upward momentum.
MACD is trending below the signal line.

RSI, at 36.19, shows that BLOOM is neither oversold nor overbought.

Stochastic, at 3.13, shows that BLOOM is oversold.

With a volatility of 53.65% and with its last price of 5.48, BLOOM has:
= 68% chance of ranging between 2.54 to 8.42, and 32% chance of ranging outside that range after 12 months; OR
= 95% chance of ranging between 0.00 to 11.36, and 5% chance of ranging outside that range after 12 months; OR
= 99% chance of ranging between 0.00 to 14.30, and 1% chance of ranging outside that range after 12 months.

Note: These 68%, 95%, and 99% are constant percentages of probabilities that a price range might be hit after 12 months based on one standard deviation, two standard deviations, and three standard deviations, respectively. Be informed that we’re talking about possibilities and not certainties since implied volatility is not an exact science. While implied volatility helps you get a forecast of a stock’s possible price range after a certain time period, it doesn’t tell you the exact direction (trend) of the stock from here on until the end of the specified time period. I have a way on how to use implied volatility for short-term trading purposes (trading and holding stocks in less than 12 months) but that is reserved for my clients only.

BLOOM shows bearishness as its last price moves below the 5-day EMA.

Volume is 56.78% of the previous trading day.
Total Trade Amount on November 10, 2015: PHP24,759,637.02

All brokers’ buy average: PHP20.53
All brokers’ sell average: PHP-1,714,794.46

Note: Below are FOREIGN BROKERS’ numbers only. There’s a separate table where you’ll find FOREIGN INVESTORS’ Net Foreign Buying or Selling.

5 out of 11 active online foreign brokers traded BLOOM.
Online foreign brokers’ Buy Average: PHP5.49
Online foreign brokers’ Sell Average: PHP5.52

Number of net buyers among the participating online foreign brokers: 2 out of 5
UBS bought the biggest number of shares among online foreign brokers amounting to PHP638,968.00
UBS sold the biggest number of shares among online foreign brokers amounting to PHP3,469,774.00

On a 30-day trading period, BLOOM is on a Net Foreign Selling worth PHP172,372,306.00.

Jaycee De Guzman

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