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As of May 14, 2015 at 03:30:00 PM GMT+8, CROWN ranged between PHP1.99 and PHP2.30.
CROWN closed at PHP2.00 with a Percentage Change of -11.11% or -0.25 points.
CROWN’s candlestick issued a SELL signal.

Current Price: PHP2.00
Support: PHP1.89
Resistance: PHP2.20

Volatility Ratio, at 0.574100, shows the possibility of a breakout at PHP2.20.
Volatility Ratio didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

QStick, at -0.081250, shows that the selling momentum for the majority of the past 8 trading days is increasing.
QStick didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

The PARSAR line appears at the top of the current price, which triggers a SELL signal.

CROWN shows a bearish sign as the share price moves below the 5-day EMA.
That bearish pattern is being complemented by the 10-day EMA which is positioned above the 5-day EMA.

Today’s volume is 461.21% of the previous trading day.
Total Trade Amount Today: PHP41,001,740.00
Foreign Brokers’ Buy Value: PHP1,477,030.00 or 3.60%
Foreign Brokers’ Sell Value: PHP1,455,700.00 or 3.55%
Foreign Brokers’ Buy Average: 2.05
Foreign Brokers’ Sell Average: 2.07
As of today, 2 out of 11 active foreign brokers traded CROWN.
# of Net Buyers Among Foreign Brokers: 2 out of 2
HDI bought the most number of shares among foreign brokers amounting to PHP1,382,100.00
HDI sold the most number of shares among foreign brokers amounting to PHP1,368,190.00
Net Foreign Buying from April 27, 2015 to May 14, 2015 amounts to P4,359,200.00.

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