D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. (DNL) – 12.16.2014 Stock Review

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D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. (DNL) - 12.16.2014 Stock Review

Technical Analysis: Sneak Preview Only

As of December 16, 2014 at 3:30:00 PM GMT+8, D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. ranged between PHP16.100000 and PHP16.380000.
D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. closed at PHP16.120000 with a Percentage Change of -1.23% or -0.200000 points.
D&L INDUSTRIES, INC.’s candlestick issued a SELL signal.

Current Price: PHP16.120000
Support: PHP15.820000
Resistance: PHP16.800000

Total Traded Amount [DEC 16 2014]: PHP45,570,275.00
Net Foreign Buying: 0.71%
Net Foreign Selling: 64.53%

MACD, at 0.472100, shows that D&L INDUSTRIES, INC.’s upward momentum is stronger than its downward momentum.
However, be informed that MACD is trending BELOW the signal line or the 9-day Moving Average, which means bears are trying to take or still in control.
MACD didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

DMI, at 46.280000, shows that the upward movement of D&L INDUSTRIES, INC.’s price is directionally strong. Bulls are in complete control.
DMI didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

RSI, at 60.840000, shows that D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. is trending between (neutral position) the confirmed bearish and bullish zones.
RSI didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

Stochastic, at 53.190000, shows that D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. is neither oversold nor overbought.
Stochastic didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

Volatility Ratio, at 0.318200, is too low for a possible breakout at PHP16.800000.
Volatility Ratio didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

QStick, at -0.117500, shows that the selling momentum for the majority of the past 8 trading days is increasing.
QStick didn’t issue a buy or sell signal.

The PARSAR line appears at the top, which means the downtrend’s momentum is still felt.

D&L INDUSTRIES, INC. shows a bearish sign as the share price moves below the 5-day EMA.
On the other hand, there is also this bullish pattern as the 5-day EMA moves above the 10-day EMA.

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