Do You Read the Technical and Investment Guides of COL?

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Are you using COL Financial as your online stockbroker?

I know some new investors and traders, with a COL Financial account, who are “only” relying on fellow investors’ and traders’ words as to which stocks they should buy, which and when to sell and what price. Some of them join social media groups, such as Facebook Groups, to hear other traders’ recommendations. That is a GOOD idea. I used the adverb “only” because they do not know that COL Financial releases Investment and Technical Guides from Monday to Friday before the market opens. So, they’re not maximizing their subscription to COL Financial’s services.

Disclaimer: Neither do I work for COL Financial nor am I their affiliate. So, if COL is reading this now and you want to send me a gift, who am I to turn it down? Just kidding. 🙂

Okay, let’s go back to the serious mode.

In this article, let me briefly introduce each guide so that you’re not stressing yourself out as to whom you should ask for stock recommendations.

How to Find COL Financial’s Investment and Technical Guides?

1. Log in to your COL Financial account.
2. By default, the Home tab is selected. Look on the Latest Research area.
3. Find and click the Invesment and Technical Guides. Sometimes, they don’t appear next over each other. So just browse on that Latest Research area to find the two.

Investment and Technical Guides of COL Financial

Let’s Talk About COL Financial’s Investment Guide

Here’s how the Investment Guide looks like:

New traders are asking for recommendations on which stocks to buy in the stock market. The technical and investment guides of COL will help you. Read on.

This Investment Guide is the result of the fundamental analysis of COL Financial’s in-house analysts.

This report will help you decide as to which stocks to buy at what price (BUY), which stocks to sell at what price (SELL) and which stocks to hold (HOLD).

Those column names in this report are the elements of a Fundamental Analysis. I won’t describe or define each element because COL Financial came up with a brief description of each element at the very bottom of their Investment Guide already.

Let’s Talk About COL Financial’s Technical Guide

Here’s how the Technical Guide looks like:

Technical Guide of COL Financial

If the Investment Guide is for the Fundamental Analysis, this Technical Guide is for the Technical Analysis. However, you won’t see charts and graphs in this report. There’s a separate charting area from within your COL Financial account (click Quotes tab and click on Charting).

Also, I won’t be describing each element of the Technical Analysis because COL Financial briefly described them already at the bottom of this report.

Did You Notice Something Different?

You didn’t notice that the COL Rating in the Investment Guide is sometimes different from the Recommendation in the Technical Guide, did you?

Let’s use Metropolitan Bank and Trust (MBT) as an example.

In the Investment Guide, there is a BUY signal for MBT.

MBT Investment Guide - COL Rating
In the Technical Guide, there is a HOLD signal for MBT.

Technical Guide of COL Financial

Here comes the importance of looking into the timestamp or the date of last update.

Aside from looking at the “As of:” datestamp on top of each guide, I want you to know that the Date of Update in the Investment Guide is not shown by default. In the Technical Guide, it is shown at the column named as Rating Initiated. They’re just labeled differently.

There is an option for you to add or remove columns on this Investment Guide. Click on the MODIFY SET-UP link above and a pop-up window will appear. Check Date Of Update checkbox and click Display Investment Guide.

Investment Guide - Date of Update

COL defines the Date Of Update column as this: “The date when the rating (BUY, HOLD or SELL) and/or fair value estimate was established.”

It’s corresponding definition in the Technical Guide is this: “Rating Initiated – Each recommendation is followed by a date stamp to alert you when the recommendation was first triggered.”

Why Do I Recommend to Add the Date Of Update Column in the Investment Guide?

In the Investment Guide, MBT’s Date Of Update shows January 6, 2014. In the Technical Guide, the Rating Initiated shows May 13, 2014. Without even saying it, the HOLD recommendation for MBT in the Technical Guide is the latest recommendation of COL Financial. However, I want you to know that fundamental and technical analysis may REALLY give you differing or opposing recommendations.

MBT Investment Guide - COL Rating with Date Of Update Column

I’ve introduced the Investment and Technical Guides so that you’re aware of what you should be enjoying when you have a COL Financial account.

If you’re a member of the Stock Signals Program, you don’t have to worry on all these. How come? Please read Stock Signals Program: What’s Inside the Top Stock Picks Page?

I’m sure you’re asking me now as to which recommendation to follow. Is it the recommendation in the Investment Guide or the one in the Technical Guide? I will answer that on my next articles. So, make sure that you follow me on my fan page so that you’ll be notified whenever I publish a new article.

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