DOUBLEDRAGON PROPERTIES CORP (DD): 07.22.2014 Performance Review

Stock Analysis -

DOUBLEDRAGON PROPERTIES CORP (DD) closed the market on July 22, 2014 at PHP 7.62 per share, which is PHP0.06 or 0.79% higher than the previous trading day’s closing index of PHP7.56.

DOUBLEDRAGON PROPERTIES CORP (DD): 07.22.2014 Performance Review

DD Stats

Bearish/Bullish/Sideways: Bearish
RSI: 44.57 – still considered inexpensive
P/E: 25.91 – data is unavailable
Volume: The volume on July 22nd was significantly higher than July 21st, but buyers outperformed profit-takers.

Current Share Price: PHP 7.62
Support: PHP 7.34
Resistance: PHP 8.00


If the volume will increase with a retained sentiment for more buying than selling, we may either come closer to the resistance zone or beat it. Otherwise, it may settle within the PHP 7.34 to PHP 7. 29 zone.

Action Plans You May Consider

This so-called “ghost month” is a month where traders and investors are eavesdropping with one another. That’s why most of the stocks I reviewed on July 22, 2014 don’t show a strong invitation to initiate a buy or sell position.

Whether you’re planning to buy more or new DD shares or sell your current shares in partial or in full, you may want to HOLD your position until we see a confirmed crossover on our MACD and the signal line.

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