Here’s What People Prefer Over the Traditional Stock Market Seminars


Busy is the default mood of most people nowadays. Are you busy? Well, I am.

It’s challenging to invite people to attend stock market seminars.

Every day, I get dozens of emails and messages on my social media accounts from people who either want to invest in the stock market or who are already invested.

I invite them to attend our basic webinar every Tuesday from 9PM to 10PM but sadly only a few attend. I understand it was not their intention to snub my personal invitation. It’s just that they are busy.

Aside from the busy schedule of people, the heavy costs of in-person seminars shoo people away.

Have you seen any of those Facebook ads wherein you have to pay P10,000 to P50,000.00 for an exclusive half-day or whole day seminar?

Just half-day for such an amount?

The Florante and Laura subject required 10 months when I was in high school.The Noli Me Tangere required one semester when I was in college. What can you only compact in your brain when you attend a half-day or a whole day stock market seminar?

I am sure you’ll learn something from those in-person seminars but what if you have an option, where you can LEARN MORE, that is MORE CONVENIENT and MORE AFFORDABLE?

I am sure you would grab that BETTER OPTION.

I’ve been in the stock market since 2001. I have a very good idea on what a starter should study first. Over the past 20 years, I’ve discovered where an experienced trader or investor should focus to become independent and profitable.

I know you’re busy. I don’t want you to pay an arm and a leg to learn the BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED COURSES that my team and I have prepared for you.

Can I tell you why my Online Stock Market Courses is rocking the educational system in the Philippine Stock Market nowadays and has started to become the top of mind and preferred option?

1. Convenience.

I don’t like traffic so I don’t want you to experience what I don’t like. I want to make millions trading from wherever my feet take me that’s why I’ve created this product so you will also learn the strategies and the knowledge you need to make millions in the Philippine stock market. You don’t need to travel to learn. Play or watch our tutorial videos on your phone or laptop that is connected to the internet.

2. Flexibility.

I love commanding my own schedule. I want to be my own boss. That’s why I made it a point that you also have the freedom to watch any of our Online Stock Market Courses anytime and anywhere you like. If you want to watch and replay the videos every day, it’s up to you. If you can only watch the videos on your day-off, it’s all up to you. You’re busy; I know! That’s why I’ve empowered you to dictate your own study time. Cool?

3. Wider Reach

You can watch our videos with your special someone, peers, relatives, office mates, and classmates among others. Will I be mad at you for watching the videos with others who didn’t pay their access to my digital property? I won’t. Just don’t share your login details with anyone because my system will send me an instant alert if you disobey that.

4. Affordability

The standard rate for a 1-year access to the entire Online Stock Market Courses (basic, intermediate, and advanced courses) is P4,999.00.

I can tell you that this price is dirt cheap.

How much do you pay for half-day seminars that tackle some of the topics we also tackle? I’m sure it’s double if not triple the price of my Online Stock Market Courses because that’s what I would charge also if I were to deliver my entire Online Stock Market Courses through an in-person seminar.

Can you replay everything that you heard during the seminar, word for word? In most cases, unfortunately, you can’t. A recorded seminar is not part of the package most often.

I have an awesome product that is hard to ignore.

I’ll make it doubly hard for you to ignore my offer today because I’ve lowered the membership fee for a 1-year access to the entire Online Stock Market Courses from P4,999.00 to P2,999.00.

Please don’t ask for the deadline of this offer because I’ve programmed the website in such a way that it’ll pick a random date and time for it to pull down the discounted price and revert to the standard rate. Even I do not know when it’ll do that. So this discount is available for as long as you see it on the Stock Signals Philippines’ website.

Click the green button below. It’ll take you to the page of the Online Stock Market Courses where you’ll find the lessons in every course. You’ll also find the rate and the payment options near the bottom of the page.

If you have questions or clarifications about this offer, please contact my team on this page. My team will get back to you sooner than you might think.

Jaycee De Guzman

Jaycee De Guzman

I have helped thousands of Filipinos trade independently and invest profitably through the Equilyst Analytics, Inc. I have also helped hundreds of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies build and boost their online presence through iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. Read my About Me page.
Jaycee De Guzman

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