How Do I Protect You From Insider Trading or Price Manipulation?

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Price manipulation in the stock market is a big no. When you search for the key phrase”market manipulation in the Philippine Stock Exchange” on Google, you’ll find old news articles highlighting these cases. In an article published by Bloomberg in 2015, it was said that the Philippine Stock Exchange has already started monitoring social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, for stock-price manipulation or insider trading.

Just like I, I’m sure many of you are members of, at least, one of the stock market-related Facebook Groups today. That is why I understand where Ritchie Sison was coming from when he posted this question in the comment section of one of my articles. I’m sure some carry this concern in their mind and heart, too. Perhaps, they’re just hesitant to voice it out to me. But thanks to Ritchie for opening the window of opportunity for me to clear any doubt, especially those who are planning to subscribe to my service in the Stock Signals Philippines.

Here’s the comment of Ritchie.

Hi Jaycee. I found your blog from research on stock trading. I am currently researching on day trading and I am considering a subscription to your blog for trading and market advice. I am recently concerned about actions of stock operators whose actions are said to prey on individual traders(info from FB stock groups and observation on daily trades). I would like to know how your system can help protect your clients from the negative actions of these so called stock operators. That is if it is true that they do prey on small independent traders.Ritchie Sison

Hi, Ritchie! Hello to everyone. Please allow me to address this message to the public, to everyone.

Ritchie, thank you for your inquiry. I am saying “thank you” not as a default response to comments. From the bottom of my heart, I am really thanking you for bringing this up. This is a serious concern. As a trading and investing support service provider, it is my responsibility to help you build that trust and make a confident decision when you choose to subscribe to the Stock Signals Philippines.

I already tackled this question in one of my newsletters for my clients in the Stock Signals Philippines. But since that newsletter isn’t accessible to the public, I’ll take this as an opportunity for me to directly draw the difference between my style of mentoring in the Stock Signals Philippines and the style of those who are called “stock price manipulators”.

Here’s how I mentor my clients. Everything I say, almost one-hundred percent of the time, is followed by a data-driven basis, which can be in a form of charts or statistics. I don’t take away from my clients their ability to make due diligence and stand-up as a critical-thinking stock trader or investor.

Let me be straightforward in helping you imagine I am trying to say. When someone asks me, “Sir, what do I need to do with [stock code]? Do I need to buy, hold, or sell?” I won’t answer that with a straight-cut, “Yes/No, buy/hold/sell it.” There’s absolutely no chance for anyone to get a straight-cut “yes” or “no” answer for that kind of question from my mouth.

While some may think that it’s only a scapegoat so I won’t hold myself accountable and responsible for my answer, the truth of the matter is, it’s my way of showing respect to all of you. I strongly and firmly believe that no mentor should steal away from his mentees their freedom to quantify things based on their own understanding and circumstances. I’m sorry for the straightforward word, but I don’t aim to develop an imbecile by spoon-feeding him or her when he or she is capable of making a decision for himself or herself.

First off, I don’t sell “decisions” but “guidance”. Because my clients know that I am very, very, very, (one more time, very) clear that there’s no chance to get a straight-cut “yes” or “no” answer from my mouth for such kinds of questions, I condition (or force, if you like) their minds to ask intelligent questions. I encourage them NOT to ask lazy questions such as, “Sir, what can you say about [stock code]?” I encourage them to ask better than that by supplying me with the details that could be helpful for me to provide a customized and personalized response. Because of this rule, they are forced to do their homework by, at least, reading the basic. I have more than 3,000 articles on my website. Don’t bail out by telling me that you have no idea where to learn the basic information about the stock market.

Instead, I encourage them to ask smartly like, “Sir, I’ve already followed your instructions on how to plot the stock’s support and resistance levels. I already have those levels. The stock’s price is already approaching my personal target selling price, which is a few ticks above the major resistance. But RSI is already moving within the overbought level. I’m torn between deciding whether I should sell now or hold some more till my target selling price is hit. May I know how you would interpret this scenario based on the chart I’ve posted below?”

Now, going back to your question, since this is the culture in the Stock Signals Philippines, there’s no room for “insider trading” or “manipulating people’s decision”. You won’t catch me say “I think”, “I feel”, or “I believe” without any supporting data. Because of my data-driven approach in explaining things to my clients, they are being equipped with the information they need so they can come up with an intelligent decision for themselves. I repeat I don’t sell “decisions” but “guidance”. If you’re going to ask for an answer where, in reality, you’re actually asking me to decide for yourself, my friend, I’m afraid you’re asking for something you didn’t sign up for and something I don’t offer.

When you ask an intelligent question and I respond with a data-driven explanation, you, as my client, must mix and match that simplified information with your own circumstances, conviction, emotion, risk tolerance, etc.

Even when I post stock picks, I lay out the things that I saw that made me decide to recommend those stocks. Here’s my principle in the Stock Signals Philippines: I’ll tell you WHY we do WHAT we do and HOW we should do it. Because I tell the WHY and the HOW and not just the WHAT, you, as my client, can then make an informed decision on whether you agree with my point of view or not. If you agree, you are free to execute the trade setup. If you don’t, then don’t. Easy. 1, 2, and 3. A, B, and C. Did you catch it? No, not the Pokemon, but my point. Yes? Great!

Elbert Hubbard once said, “You can bring a boy to college but you cannot make him think.” Well, here in the Stock Signals Philippines, I am proud to say that my clients have been trained to think based on my data-driven explanation and their personal assessment. All of us must have our own disposition about our go or no-go decisions in stock trading and investing.

So, is there a chance for an insider trading or price manipulation with my guidance in the Stock Signals? With this kind of principle I embrace, the chance is from zero to none.

I hope I was able to help you make a confident and positive decision to subscribe to the Stock Signals Philippines. If you have further questions on this topic, don’t hesitate to post it as a comment below.

Jaycee De Guzman

Jaycee Silverio de Guzman is a computer scientist by profession. He is the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. He is a husband and a father.
Jaycee De Guzman


  1. Hi,

    I like how you provide information in your articles. I wish I could gain access to your paid services. But I am concern about recovering the cost if my investment is not that huge. For a 200k startup, I am afraid your annual fees will just eat up the profit. Considering your cost for my 200k investment would be higher than inflation rate.


    • Hi Ronnie,

      Thank you for considering my Stock Signals services. While I don’t guarantee earnings (and any legit mentor shouldn’t make any guarantee on earnings), you may take a look at my Track Record. By doing so, you will get a good feel of the chance of recovering your subscription fee by doing a few trades. I’d like also like to take this opportunity to set proper expectation that subscribing to my services won’t make you exempted from losses. I have some losses in my track record, too. The difference maker is having more wins and less losses.

      Track Record:

      Don’t hesitate reply to this comment if you have follow-up questions. Thanks!

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