Is it Better to Trade Alone or With a Group?

Is it Better to Trade Alone or With a Group?

I’ve been asked several times already if I recommend trading alone or with a group.

You know what? Don’t ask anyone if you should trade alone or with someone else. Why? Because nobody knows your personality better than you do.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer trading independently. Aside from trading, there are many things that I do independently, too. Why? Because independence is ingrained in┬ámy personality. I believe that’s how life molded me based on the circumstances I went through in life.

I am a god-damn superstar when I do some things on my own. On the other hand, I am bored to death when I am in a group with members that I did not choose. I’m fine if it was I who chose the members in the group, though.

My personality is apparent in my trading style also. You see, I created my own system from start to finish instead of embracing the classical styles in trading that already exist even before I was born.

I am very effective when I trade alone. But that doesn’t mean you can also be as effective as I am when you trade alone. Maybe you’re an effective decision-maker when you’re in a group. That doesn’t mean I can be as effective as you are when I’m in your group.

I can drive the car for 12 hours straight without talking. Some people go insane if they don’t talk for a minute. I can live my life as happy as it can be even if you’ll make me face a blank wall the whole day 365 days a year. I kid you not; my table in my home-office is literally facing the wall. I know you guys would want your back against the wall but I want my face against the wall.

Never ask anyone if you should trade solo or in a group.

Look in the mirror and ask the one you see instead if you’re a selfie-man or a groupie-man. But run if you see another person in the mirror when no other person is supposed to be there.

Jaycee De Guzman

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