JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION (JFC) – 08.11.2014 Intraday Stock Review

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As of August 11, 2014 at 11:43AM GMT+8, JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION (JFC) is at PHP180.50 per share, which is PHP2.30 or 1.26% LOWER than the closing price on August 8, 2014.

JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION (JFC) - 08.11.2014 Intraday Stock Review


Bearish/Bullish/Sideways: Sideways
RSI: 50.55
P/E: 35.43
Fair Value: PHP126.00
Current Share Price: PHP180.50
Support: PHP175.00
Resistance: PHP187.00
Volume: 338,190


From July 30 to August 5, daily increase in volume was spotted. Technically, there’s already a signal to sell JFC since August 4, 2014. When the experienced traders noticed that buying rally still continued on August 5th, they took the ride and put the profit-taking plan on hold until August 6th. Then, a staggered profit-taking activity has been happening since then. The recent “ChickenSad” issue of JFC just put more weight to the on-going selling rally.

JFC’s volume is higher than the volume on August 8th despite that we’re still a few minutes before the market’s recess.

JFC was able to recover a bit after its intraday lowest low during the first few minutes of trading.

Action Plans You May Consider

Is your average price higher than JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION ‘s current share price?
Hold your position for now.

Is your average price lower than JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION’s current share price?
Take advantage of these significant dips on the share price. Buy if your buying power allows.

You don’t have JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION  in your stock portfolio yet?
Do not enter a position just yet. Wait for the MACD to issue a confirmed crossover with the signal line.

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