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REMINDER: The End-Of-Trading (EOT) Stock Reviews I write are based from the historical data of each stock. Before you follow the recommendations I write in each EOD Stock Review, please check the date when the review was written (it’s on the title of each review). The recommendations I write only apply on or before the next trading day only. By the end of the next trading day, that stock will have new statistics. That’s the reason why the recommendations in every date-specific EOT Stock Reviews have an “expiration period” so as to say.

JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION (JFC) closed August 19, 2014 at PHP189.10 per share, which is PHP2.50 or 1.34% HIGHER than the closing price on August 18, 2014.



Bearish/Bullish/Sideways: Sideways
RSI: 63.01
Estimated P/E: 37.14
Fair Value: PHP143.00
Current Share Price: PHP189.10
Support: PHP181.30
Resistance: PHP189.60
Traded Volume: 399,020


JFC ranged today between PHP186.70 and PHP189.30.

Today’s traded volume is 55.40% higher than yesterday’s.

JFC is drawing closer to the 52-week high of PHP192.00.

The Volatility Ratio (VR) of 0.2195 suggests that we may not witness a breakout on the resistance for tomorrow’s trading. However, there were cases when a breakout was spotted even when the VR is below 0.50. So, let’s just use this VR as a supporting factor in our final go or no-go decision tomorrow.

Action Plans You May Consider

Is your average price higher than the current share price of JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION?
Hold your position.

Is your average price lower than current share price of JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION?
Hold your position.

You don’t have JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION in your stock portfolio yet?
Do not enter a new position just yet.

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