KPPI Technical Analysis: Buy More or Wait a Little?


Kepwealth Property Phils., Inc. (PSE:KPPI) is trading at P10.82 per share, up by 5.66 percent, as of 2:35pm GMT+8 on October 11, 2019, Friday.

The total turnover value is registered at P25.4 million. Local investors are the main movers of KPPI as of the time of writing this analysis. Foreign investors have registered a Net Foreign Selling worth P81,700.00 only.

Kepwealth Property Phils (KPPI) - Daily Chart 1 - 10.11.2019

The immediate support is near 8.62 while the immediate resistance is near 14.40.

My 10SMACD is bullish, but my Momentum Power Indicator is bearish on KPPI.

Trade-Volume Distribution Analysis

Last Price: 10.80
VWAP: 10.82036704
Most Traded: 11 – 10.5
Most Voluminous: 11 – 10.88

The dominant range is closer to the intraday high than the intraday low. But because the other elements of the Momentum Power Indicator are bearish, the overall rating has turned bearish.

Kepwealth Property Phils (KPPI) - Trade Volume Distribution 1 - 10.11.2019

True Market Sentiment Analysis

True Market Sentiment on KPPI as of Oct-11-2019 at 02:35PM, with a last price of 10.800.
True Market Sentiment: NEUTRAL
5 of the top 10 brokers registered a positive Net Amount
6 of the top 10 brokers registered a higher Buying Average than Selling Average
Top 10 Players’ Buying Average: 10.8015
Top 10 Players’ Selling Average: 10.8384
Bonus Info:
7 out of 43 participants or 16.28% of all participants registered a 100% BUYING activity
12 out of 43 participants or 27.91% of all participants registered a 100% SELLING activity

This neutral True Market Sentiment of the top 10 brokers on KPPI shows that they’re still eavesdropping with each other’s next probable move. In short, there’s still strong tug-of-war between the bears and the bulls as of the time of writing this analysis.

Kepwealth Property Phils (KPPI) - True Market Sentiment 1 - 10.11.2019


If you have KPPI, I assume that your trailing stop has not been hit yet. If that’s the case, I suggest that you hold your position for now, but do not top up until the 10SMACD and Momentum Power Indicator become bullish. Once they’re both bullish, top up within the dominant range only.

If you’re a subscriber of Equilyst Analytics, you can ask for our latest assessment of this stock (and any PSE-listed stock) in our Private Clients Forum. We will tell you if we are seeing confirmed buy signals already.

If you don’t have KPPI but you’re planning to trade it today, I suggest that you postpone that plan until the 10SMACD and Momentum Power Indicator become bullish. Once they both hit the bullish rating, don’t hurry because you must calculate your reward-to-risk ratio first. You can use this Reward-to-Risk Ratio Calculator. If you’re satisfied with the ratio, that’s when you should position within the dominant range. Post in our Private Clients Forum (if you’re one of our customers/subscribers) so we can give you the prevailing dominant range of KPPI.

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Jaycee De Guzman

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